Airline tickets to Mexico: list of cheap airline tickets to Mexico

Airline tickets to Mexico depend on the country you are flying from. Many people will have to book their flights months before the departure date for them to get cheap flight deals. However, travelers from the United States can still travel to Mexico anytime they wish without having to book a flight months earlier. 

Flights from Nigeria to Mexico through united airlines will cost around $1,197 and may even cost more if you fly Lufthansa. There are many other airlines from Niger to Mexico which include United airlines, Air Canada and Qatar airways. These companies have different prices for each flight you book to travel to the country. 

Airline tickets to Mexico for local flights 

When embarking on a local flight in Mexico then you have to choose from any of these local airlines. The most prominent one is the famous Aeromexico which controls most of the flights in the country. It is so because their airfare is budget friendly and will not cost the locals more to move about. However, there are other players in the airline company apart from AeroMexico. 

If you are looking for the cheapest company to buy your Ticket for your next trip then this is it. They will give you luxury-like treatment while you simply pay the small fee they charge for tickets. 

  • Volaris

Volaris is the second largest airline company in Mexico and competes with AeroMexico on cheap flights. This airline does not only fly across Mexico but operates in other neighboring countries like the United States, Central America and South America. They also offer good entertainment options and relatively cheap tickets to make travelers have a good flight experience. 

  • VivaAerobus 

I still have to mention this airline in this list even after many people have given it bad reviews. Do you know why I added it? They are competing with the big players in the industry and need a fair share of opportunity to operate in Mexico. 

  • AeroMar

This airline operates on the local air route but also travels to some countries like the United States and Honduras. 

If you won’t be traveling locally in Mexico then airline tickets from Qatar airway and United airlines can be a good option. They both charge around $1,300 for round-trip but less than $950 for others. 

Frequently asked questions 

What are the cheapest airline tickets to Mexico? 

AeroMexico still stands as the cheapest and most popular airline in the country. They have other airlines that are not as popular as they are. 

How many airlines are in Mexico? 

There are about 8 airlines in Mexico but they are all not as popular as Aeromexico and Volaris. 

Are airline tickets cheap in Mexico? 

The fact still remains that airline tickets are cheaper in Mexico when you compare it to the United States. This cheap flight also offers every kind of entertainment option you will love to have. 


If you are traveling to Mexico then you have to choose the best airline tickets to the country. So, in this article, I have been able to reveal to you some of the Airline tickets to Mexico from either Nigeria, the United States or other countries. 

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