What to do in Seattle: 50 things to do when you travel to Seattle

If you are traveling to Seattle then check out What to do in Seattle to make your stay worth it. Don’t just travel to this big city and begin wondering about it, plan your trip very well with this list and you will be happy with your experience. 

This city is for everyone, whether you love big structures, nature or museums there are amazing things you can do in Seattle. Music and art are some other parts of this city you will love. 

Why should you visit Seattle? 

Seattle is not just a city with only massive architectural designs, this destination is a favorite among travelers who want diversity. The city welcomes travelers from around the world and gives them the opportunity to enjoy themselves. 

Have you seen a wall filled with used gums before? If No then you will see it first in Seattle. It is a fun way to make it known that you have visited Seattle. There are many other reasons why you should visit this bubbling city. 

The population of Seattle is 737,015 as of 2020 and this huge population made it the biggest city in Washington state. 

What to do in Seattle: 50 things to do when you travel to Seattle 

#1. Blow bubbles at the post alley wall

This city is not just about the beaches, there are many fun and memorable things to do and one of them is blowing bubbles and sticking it on alley gum walls. 

2. Tastes the Seattle tea in the morning 

Seattle is known for the kind of tea they make and that has put this city as the best tea and coffee maker in the United States. 

3. Enjoy flying hot balloon at Mount rainier 

This Ballon can take you very high to the sky with the opportunity to view the mountains from a very high level. Though not something you can do in Seattle with toddlers, it’s fun. 

4. Go for a food tour 

Don’t just stick with your usual meal, try the best foods available in the city. These can be some dishes in the local towns which will open your eyes to some food you never knew existed. 

5. Take a tour of the pike place market. 

This market still stands as The best farmers market in the United States. There are many goods you can buy here for the first time and enjoy your time. 

6. Also visit the smaller farmers market 

Don’t just visit those popular markets alone, take a tour of the smaller farmers markets and support them by patronizing them. 

7. Explore Seattle from the Kerry Park 

This park gives you a clear view of the city from a skyline, so you can visit here if you are still looking for What to do in Seattle. 

8. Picnic with friends at Gas Works Park 

This park is very cool for people who want to go for a picnic. 

9. Go on a free walking tour 

Apart from Seattle, many other famous tourism destinations offer free walk tours so the traveler can learn about the city. Learn about the people, visit popular churches, and visit restaurants. 

10. Enjoy E-bike tour 

Discover more about this city with the help of E-bike. You will see many hidden places in Seattle if you take this tour. 

11. Take a bite of the prettiest macaroons

If you travel to Seattle with your family members then you can have a good time tasting this nice delicacy. 

12. Spend a day at Alki Beach 

Have a good time at this beach with your family. It’s not so famous like others but very safe for travelers who are looking for What to do in Seattle with family. 

13. Take a look at the iconic space needle 

This is a nice place for people who wish to see history in reality. 

14. Enjoy hot boat tub on lake union 

Rent a boat that will take you cruising around the Seattle water. 

15. Explore the original Starbucks 

Check out the first Starbucks office that you need to visit. This place being part of your itinerary is not just a normal place to visit visit but a way to ignite the thought about Starbucks 

16. Explore museum of pop culture 

With a beautiful rock and roll sound blasting from the lab music home. It won’t cost much to visit the Museum of pop culture since tickets start from $28.

17. Take a ride on the Seattle Great wheel 

The Seattle ferris wheel is at the Seattle waterfront in Elliott Bay that will help you see the sky of Seattle. Children also love this kind of wheel. 

18. Learn how to make sushi 

If you are looking for What to do in Seattle, don’t just think about going to the beach. Seattle sushi is not just ordinary. Take a class and learn how to make it by yourself when you get back home. 

19. Watch the waterfalls 

There are many amazing waterfalls that you can visit with friends in the afternoon. 

20. Taste some of the city’s ice cream 

21. Don’t forget to go for concert 

Concerts are a good place to learn about the city music and have a good time at night. 

22. Visit the Boeing factory 

If you haven’t been to a factory before then this is an opportunity to visit a massive place. Also, if you are an engineer, it will help you learn more about this city. 

23. Visit Seattle waterfront 

Olympic Park is not free to visit and you won’t have to worry about time since you have the time to yourself. 

24. Enjoy fresh seafood 

Still looking for What to do in Seattle? Then taste Seattle seafoods like crab, oyster, clams and many more. 

25. Visit the Seattle pinball museum for a nice game

26. Take a Walk at the green lake 

The Fremont and Wallingford lakes are a good place to walk in the evening while listening to good music. 

27. Waterfall At garden park is a good place and an avenue to taste jungle fun in Seattle

28. Enjoy the night with Cocktail at the tall 35 stories high structure

When you are in Seattle, it’s good to have good sights of the city by looking from the top to view the sky. 

29. Visit the volunteer park and learn about the conservatory Park

30. Visit food forest 

Also known as the beacon forest. This place is run by volunteers who give food to the visitors. So, if you are looking for What to do in Seattle that will not cost, you can visit the food forest. 

31. Try kayaking at lake union 

This is another place to try out your kayaking experience if you love having quality water experience. 

32. Take tour of the famous chocolate factory 

If you love chocolate then you can feed yourself to stupor at this factory. They produce this chocolate and also ship it overseas. 

33. Check out Fremont neighborhood 

Fremont hosts many coastal fun activities you can try. Also, if you have money you can patronize the local shops available. 

34. Prepare your hiking gear to explore Rattlesnake ledge 

35. Go for picnic and build bonfire on the beach 

36. Scout for the art destinations in the city 

Are you asking for What to do in Seattle when there is plenty of art to marvel at? So, if you are with your camera then you will enjoy seeing some of the street arts in Seattle. They are amazing and worth your time. 

37. Take your kids to the Chihuly Glass exhibit 

Allow your children the opportunity to marvel at the famous Chihuly glass exhibition. 

38. Enjoy the board game Cafe with friends 

39. Attend live music shows 

Seattle is a home of many music genres that you will love if you truly see it as an important part of your journey. 

40. Visit cabaret show at the pink door every evening 

41. Join Ballard locals 

42. Go for wine tasting and brewery hopping 

Seattle remains a home of some of the exotic wines out there. They allow travelers who wish to join for a wine tasting occasion. So as an adult looking for What to do in Seattle, you can join them and see how good their wines are. 

43. Go for the popular comedy night shows 

44. Visit Seattle underground tunnels 

45. Visit the Seattle central library and see the work of art in real life. 

46. Cocktail and bar experience at the tiki themed soaking pool

47. Watch the whale at the north Seattle 

48. Take a cruise ship and view around the city waters 

49. Create your wine tour. Another avenue to learn how to make Seattle wine

50. Try snowboarding 


Don’t worry What to do in Seattle again as I have made a clear list of some fun, educational, entertaining things you can do in the city. Remember to prepare your hiking gear as you embark on this trip to this city. 

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