Best places to travel solo: 50 best places to travel alone

These are Best places to travel solo if you truly love adventure. Traveling solo is not for everyone since you will be visiting destinations alone. Also, traveling alone will give you the opportunity to go to places you wouldn’t go to if you are traveling with family. 

The idea of solo travel is to have time to interact with the locals without limits and also join them in cultural events. This type of travel helps you learn more about the place you visited and study some of the history of the location without restriction from your traveling partner. 

50 Best places to travel solo

#1. Las Vegas, Nevada 

Best when you visit with friends but not entirely bad if you want to travel to Las Vegas alone. This is a flashy city and it has some of the biggest casinos in the United States. 

2. Tangier, Morocco 

Tangier is now a place for solo travelers who want to feel the beauty of Northern Morocco. 

3. Lakes Region, turkey 

Not just an ordinary city but a very robust destination that will grow to compete with other popular parts of Turkey. 

4. Dublin, Ireland 

Dublin is not just a perfect place for solo travelers but a nice location to spend time learning about the history of viking and other stories. 

5. Rio De Janeiro, Brazil 

Are you ready with your camera, and you are looking for places to travel solo? Then you should head to Rio De Janeiro if you want to travel solo. There are many museums here and old churches. 

6. Bangkok, Thailand 

Bangkok is a very vibrant city with spectacular natural beauty and culture. Very attractive waterways and food that will make you want for more. 

7.San Francisco, California 

This city is good for solo travelers because of many activities you can perform here. Marvelous water sights and attractions. 

8. Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia 

Kuala Lumpur is a famous tourist attraction that stretches infrastructural development to the next level. 

9. Portland, Oregon 

Portland, Oregon is a welcoming place with many attractions to explore. There are lots of sites to visit alone including the Japanese garden and gardens. 

10. Toronto, Canada 

Even though Toronto is a very vibrant city, you will love spending time here alone. And you won’t even be bored since the locals are very friendly. 

11. Taipei, Taiwan 

If you want to explore Taipei then you can visit this city alone or add it to your bucket list as places to travel solo. Also, as a person that loves good foods, you will enjoy yourself here. 

12. Amsterdam, Netherlands 

Amsterdam is also known as the city of colors with its friendly neighborhoods, you will love being here. 

13. San Jose, Costa Rica 

San Jose is not just a beautiful place but another destination for people who wish to travel solo. 

14. Auckland, New Zealand 

The hotel accommodation here is the first thing that made me recommend it for solo travels. Food is also not too expensive for someone traveling on a tight budget. 

15. Chicago Illinois 

Have a good city experience when you choose Chicago for your next solo trip. There are many lovely things to view in Millennium Park and other cultural centers in the city. 

16. Sedona, Arizona 

When choosing places to travel solo, Sedona is a perfect choice, do you know why? It is because this destination is not largely populated area as it has only 10,000 residents but it is a very nice place to vacation alone. 

17. Vienna, Austria 

The first place you visit here is the museumsQuartier which is home to over 61 art galleries. From contemporary art then you head to Otto Wagner’s modernist art nouveau. 

18. Prague, Czech

Prague is not that place for those who don’t love museums since this place hosts many museums. Also, there are lots of restaurants you can visit. 

19. Guadeloupe

20. London 

If you are a solo traveler looking for a place that will accommodate you then you can choose London. It is the heart of diversity and there are many things you can do here. When you check other places to travel solo, London stands as the most expensive of them all. 

21. Reykjavik, Iceland 

Traveling to Iceland gives you the opportunity to visit modern restaurants and try out hiking in a very safe place. 

22. Seville, Spain 

This is an old city that still maintains its cultural architecture while blending it with modern styles. 

23. Redding, California 

Another great place for someone ready to Embark on solo travel. Even though it is not a big city, you will have a good travel experience. 

24. Wales, UK 

If you want to Embark on just one week solo travel then Wales is a perfect destination. The hospitality is topnotch with nice restaurants that offer exotic cuisine. 

25. Brussels, Belgium 

Brussels is the cultural city for travelers going to Belgium. The buildings are famous for exploration and spending time with locals. 

26. Stockholm, Sweden 

During the summer season, you will have time to hike the islands here. And if you need a partner, there are friendly locals ready to take you round the city. 

27. Melbourne, Australia 

Melbourne is not just a beautiful place to travel alone but perfect for your surfing experience with the high sea waves. As one of the good places to travel solo, you may even meet other types of opportunities. 

28. Athens, Greece 

You can only visit here alone if you love stories and want to give back to the poor locals. 

29. Glacier National Park, Montana 

Many hikers visit this park since it offers 745 miles of hiking trails across many mountains. 

30. Belgium 

Traveling to the whole of Belgium is a nice choice and you will not have to pay much for food since restaurants here are relatively cheap. 

31. Morocco 

When you decide to visit Morocco then be ready to take your camera with you because there are many photo worthy destinations and designs. Mosques and old houses that are still standing tall. 

32. Utah 

There are enough crowds in this city which makes it a very good place for solo travelers. Be ready to visit many locations apart from the Goblin Valley park. 

33. Houston, TX 

Houston is a very rich destination with many fortune 500 companies spread across the city. Even if you spend 12 hours, you won’t have enough time in the Houston Galleria. As someone who love to travel solo, you must put this destination as places to visit. 

34. New Orleans, Louisiana 

35. Atlanta, Georgia 

Atlanta is a very developed city with big infrastructure and bustling towns. 

36. Orlando, Florida 

Walt Disney world will consume most of your time here. There are many Things you can do here for fun and it’s also perfect for solo travelers. 

37. San Francisco

If you want a location that is good for a simple trip that is not bad then you may have to visit San Francisco. There are famous landmarks here like the painted ladies, pier 39 and others. 

38. Central Florida 

Central Florida has this unique way of welcoming travelers with some artistic experience and modern restaurants. For someone who is traveling alone, you will find this destination as a heaven Gem. 

39. The Jura, France 

Apart from being a very nice place, you will experience first-hand making of wines. This is a special wine that is scarce but being here helps you taste it first. 

40. Madrid 

Madrid is another destination that may seem very crowded but they are welcoming to travelers. So, you won’t just taste good food here but make friends. 

41. Lower Zambezi National Park, Zambia 

42. Prince Edward Island, Canada 

43. Tanzania 

44. Bermuda 

45. Cayman Islands

46. Andorra 

47. Asheville, North Carolina 

48. Aysen, Chile 

49. The Hudson Valley, New York 

50. Coastal Uruguay  


These destinations are Best places to travel solo. This location has amazing attractions if you want to take pictures and learn about history. Another thing I have to consider before making this list is the safety of the traveler. You are safe to visit any of the locations above alone. 

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