Best places to travel: 70 best places you should visit for vacations

Have you been looking for those Best places to travel? If you truly want to travel to a destination that will thrill you and allow you to enjoy then you are in the right place. This article will help whoever that has been looking for a good location to visit. 

To put up this list, I didn’t just manufacture this list from nowhere. We had to understand what people want and the kind of place they wish to visit plus their budget before putting up this list. 

On this list, I will be covering the top locations in the world with good sandy beaches, cheap and luxury hotels, good and modern museums, and the world’s most beautiful landscape. 

Most people who put travel destinations on their bucket list have only learnt about those places on social media. Some will want to visit a destination in their pocket list because one of their friends has visited there. Also, national parks and wildlife encourage travelers to visit certain locations. 

70 Best places you should travel to for vacation 

Vacations are good times we should play with and that’s why i will be giving out a complete list to people who wish to travel. Also, whether you are traveling with the family or alone then this list is for you. 

#1. Rome, Italy 

Rome is a city that will always give you the best opportunity to learn about history and have a nice time. 

2. Edinburgh, Scotland 

You will have the opportunity to enjoy true culture and have a good time with family. 

3. Paro Valley, Bhutan 

There are many fortresses, natural destinations and monasteries here that will be worth your time and money. 

4. Jaipur India 

India has many places you can vacation with your family but Jaipur is a nice destination for serenity sake. So I have to make sure it is part of the Best places to travel list. 

5. Paris, France 

Many people have Paris on their bucket list of places to travel to. So, I have to mention it because it is worth your time and money. Also, a sight of the Eiffel tower and arc de triomphe is very important. 

6. Bali, Indonesia 

Bali is a very beautiful place to visit for vacation and the prices of things are very cheap. Most of those thrilling images you see on social media are from destinations in Bali, so this is a good choice for your next vacation. 

7. New Orleans 

This is one of the most lively cities I have ever visited. Good diversity in culture with a mix of Africa, French and America. There is no time that this city won’t be active with many activities and music shows. Also, this comprehensive list on the Best places to travel will not be complete without New Orleans. 

8. Kerry, Iceland 

Iceland is one of the destinations that boasts of very lively scenes. From Kerry’s mountain to lakes and beautiful landscapes. In addition to this is a national park with many things to entertain visitors. 

9. Cape Town, South Africa 

Do you wish to visit a place that has massive wildlife and natural scenery? Then you should vacation in South africa. 

10. Dubai, United Arab Emirates 

There are many places to visit when you arrive in Dubai. The high-flying city is one of them. 

11. Marrakesh, Morocco 

Not just an ordinary city in Africa, I have to mention it in this list of Best places to travel since it hosts: The ancient city boasts mosques, brick walls, and the Medina which is an UNESCO world heritage center. 

12. Sydney 

No doubt, Sydney is a city that has the most iconic infrastructure and modern building designs. Another thing I love about Sydney is the beaches and entertainment sites. 

13. Medives 

This nation contains some of the best locations for vacation in the Indian Ocean region. Nice beaches and underwater villas that won’t cost much.

14. New York 

New York has some of the destinations and attractions you will love as a traveler. There’s room for family if you want the Best places to travel with kids. Also, individual travelers have enough places to visit. 

15. Bora bora, French Polynesia

Do you wish to get thrilled by an awesome underwater adventure? Then bora bora in Tahiti is a cheap and luxurious one. 

16. Dubrovnik, Croatia 

Beach bars and UNESCO world heritage sites are not only what you will find here. This destination is like heaven on earth for those who truly understand the true beauty of nature. 

17. Waikato, New Zealand 

There are many underground Caves here and a massive rainforest that has lots of strange trees and plants. Waikato is not just a best place to travel but home for pro hikers. 

18. Antarctica 

Maybe you won’t stay for long here but every minute you spend on Antarctica is worth it. Engaging in ice-skating and climbing snow mountains are some activities to perform here. 

19. Los Angeles 

If you can’t afford to visit snowy cold Antarctica then you may love the shining city of LA. There are many places to visit and lists of cultural events to attend. 

20. Kruger National Park, South Africa 

If you have decided to visit South Africa then you should not forget to visit this park. It contains all the Safari experience you will love. 

21. Moscow, Russia 

If you want to visit a beautiful destination then you won’t be wrong choosing Moscow. The city is well built with colorful houses all over the place. Museums and places to spend time with family. Choosing this place as one of the best places to travel this year is not wrong, so put it in your bucket list. 

22. Santorini, Greece 

There are many other islands here which make this destination a good place to visit. The water is very clean for those who love swimming and scuba diving. 

23. Havana, Cuba 

This 500 year old city is a real vintage place to live with family. 

24. Tokyo, Japan 

This list of Best places to travel with family will not be complete without mentioning Tokyo. The infrastructure here may not only be the attraction here but the activities and places to visit. 

25. Vancouver, Canada 

Vancouver is one of the best destinations in North America Canada. It has top quality restaurants and vibrant entertainment activities. Friendly locals that will make it look like a home if you finally choose this place as one of the best places to travel to in the summer. 

26. Singapore 

27. Machu picchu, Peru 

28. Virunga national park, DRC

29. Lisbon, Portugal 

30. Hanoi, Vietnam 

31. Hawaii 

32. Ibiza, Spain 

33. Beijing, China

34. London, England 

35. Rio de Janeiro, Brazil 

36. Petra, Jordan 

37. Hong Kong 

38. Santiago, Chile 

39. Cairo, Egypt 

40. Copenhagen, Denmark

41. Budapest, Hungary 

42. Cinque Terre, Italy 

43. Buenos Aires, Argentina 

44. Las Vegas 

45. Matterhorn, Switzerland 

46. Abruzzo, Italy 

Other Best places to travel if you love liveliness 

47. Seoul Korea 

48. Laucala Island resort, Fiji 

49. Providencia, Colombia

50. Finger lakes, New York 

51. Franklin, Tennessee 

52. Galapagos Island 

53. Greater

54. Alaska 

55. Anguilla 

56. Bahamas 

57. Belize 

58. Burgundy, France 

59. Costa smeralda, Sardinia 

60. Crete, Greece 

61. Walt Disney world 

62. Doha, Qatar 

63. Palm Springs, California 

64. Greenville, South Carolina 

65. Ilha Caldeira, Mozambique 

66. Jackson hole, Wyoming 

67. Kaunas, Lithuania 

68. Barbados 

69. Amsterdam 

70. Ghana 

Frequently asked questions 

Can I travel to these places with my family? 

Yes. I have to pick locations that are good for family vacation and alone trips. 

Is it cheap to visit these places? 

Some of them are very cheap and some are costly. However, mostly they are affordable since I put that into consideration while making this list. 


This list Best places you travel to with family, friends or alone are some of the destinations most people have in their bucket list. I had to understand what attracts people to some of these destinations and made a list of those places that won’t cost much. 

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