Best airline tickets sites: 19 Best Airline Tickets Sites

To get Best airline tickets sites that will show you cheap and very affordable flight tickets, you have to do extra work. Like, you can’t just open a flight booking website, enter your travel dates and buy airline tickets. The only people who can afford to do it that way must be traveling for an emergency. However, for some of us who need to make sure what we are spending for a trip is low, we need to research and get the cheapest flights tickets. 

When it comes to Booking airline tickets, there are many websites that promise to serve you better but are they that good? Well, I will answer this question about tricky airline booking websites as we go on. 

One major mistake anyone trying to book airline tickets must avoid is patronizing websites that have very high prices. Why should you pay more when there are many other websites that will offer you the same service for half the price? That is why I find it very important to make this list of Best airline tickets sites. At least, you won’t waste your money again. So read on to learn about these websites. 

19 Best airline tickets sites for cheap flights

#1. Skyscanner 

This has been taking the lead as the best website to find cheap flight tickets when traveling anywhere in the world. This type of website is not much out there, so you should try searching for a flight ticket here before going to another site. Many travel agents also get ratings here and travelers will have to choose the best tickets. 

2. Momondo

This is one of the best flight booking sites if you love flying cheap flights. Having some of the great filters that will make your search fast and easy. Also, when searching for a flight, you will see different prices that will now give you the opportunity to pick the best for you. 

3. Google flight 

Google flight is not a travel agent site but one of the sites for airline tickets aggregator. What this means is that it picks flight listings from many other websites then the searcher has to choose from there and head to the main site to book flights. It may not have some functionality that others have but it can easily find a cheap flight. 

4. Scott cheap flights 

This flight website works more in the United States. They provide international and local flights that are cheaper than the usual price. So, using this website, you are sure of getting cheap tickets. 

5. Airfare watchdog 

This website finds the best flight deals on the internet and feeds the traveler with the information. One thing I like about this website is that you can find last minute deals for unbelievable rates. 

6. Hotwire 

Hotwire works with hotels to make your search more diverse and convenient when looking for Best airline tickets sites. So, you won’t have to book hotel reservations from another site since this website will give you the avenue to do them together. 

7. Wheels Up

Best for getting those flights that get scheduled without passengers inside. They may be charter flights for a private company. This website will find ticket prices on this type of plane that are very cheap. 

8. Travelocity 

Travelocity is undoubtedly the best flight booking website when it comes to price matching. There are different price plans available and you can choose the one you like. 

9. Hopper 

Not just a usual flight searching website as it takes care of the users by finding them cheapest flight deals. It uses its algorithm to find cheap flights, send alerts to the user immediately. 

10. Skiplagged 

More like the best site to find a more diverse ticket that will make sure you spend less but will have to spend more time before arriving at your destination. Also, if you want to use this site for airline tickets, you don’t need baggage but just your carry-on bag. 

11. Expedia 

Are you looking for something that will help you make the best decisions without having to Crack your brain? Then Expedia will help you choose a more suitable flight. It is a flight booking site that displays cheap tickets around the world. 

12. Tripadvisor 

TripAdvisor has been the top flight booking website for international trips since its inspection. It not just shows you cheap flights, but also helps you rent cars when you arrive at your destination. Also, it is an aggregator and they can provide the cheapest flight deals from unpopular travel agents. 

13. Orbitz 

If you travel a lot and want to get a reward for it then you may need to use this website. Orbitz is another travel agent that will reward you for how many miles you cover. So, you can choose this site for rewards. 

14. Kiwi 

Kiwi is another great OTA website for travelers who wouldn’t mind stopping over at another place and continuing later. Your search may help you plan your itinerary if you want to travel for tourism. 

15. Kayak 

Even though kayak is not an OTA, it has some of the best flights with the way the search engines are configured. When you run a search for the Best airline tickets sites, it will put up deals from other travel websites that offer cheap tickets. 

16. Priceline 

This website is a popular Online travel agency offering you cheap tickets for any of your travel plans. It has different prices for different dates. So, do well to check the best date and reschedule your trip. 

17. Agoda 

This website is another nice place to find cheap flights with access to booking hotel and villa reservations. It is offered by Priceline but with less functionality. 

18. CheapOair

CheapOair is an OTA website that offers premium service and search with its own credit card. This credit card gives you rewards based on how many times you use the website to book flights. They may refund some tickets when you request within 24 hours. 

19. Travelzoo

Travelzoo offers an easy to use website for people who want to book flights. You don’t need to do much work while using this website. 


These best airline tickets sites offer different functionalities for any of your flight booking needs. Some of them are not OTA (online travel agents) but just search engines for flight searches. What these flight search engines do is that they find tickets from many agents and show you the cheapest. 

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