Places to visit in Colorado: 30 best places to visit in Colorado

Do you want to know the best places to visit in Colorado? If yes, have you made plans on destinations to visit? If you have made up your mind to visit Colorado for your next vacation, you need to learn about the best destinations in the city. 

Research has revealed that visiting Colorado in the winter may be the best option for. However, you can still visit the city in the summer. 

Playing with snow is much fun in Colorado; especially if you are vacationing with family. There are many sites in the city that connect the dots in the historic events that have happened in the past. 

Why should you visit Colorado? 

Colorado is a western state in the western region of the United States. This is the 21st most populous state in the United States and it boasts of some great landscape and natural scenery. 

Travelers may not give a positive review about the cost of traveling to this state but it will be wise to say that you can still travel here on a budget. So, don’t be discouraged by the price of accommodation you see on the internet, I will show you some destinations that won’t cost much. 

30 best Places to visit in Colorado

#1. Visit the Rocky mountain National Park 

The Rocky mountain is a popular tourist attraction in Colorado. It is very tall and Rocky mountain for hikers who are ready for adventure. 

2. Explore Royal Gorge Bridge & Park 

This bridge is just above the Arkansas River and it gives travelers the perfect view of the area. Also, this is the highest zipline in Colorado. 

3. Nature lover can visit Maroon bells 

Maroon bells is one of the popular places in Colorado. People who have not been to Colorado will love exploring this destination for the first time. 

4. Black Canyon of the Gunnison National Park

If you love fishing and engaging in other fun activities then you can visit this destination. It is the best spot to explore gunnison river and appreciate the good look of nature, and also one of the best places to visit in Colorado. 

5. Ride train at Durango 

Learn about the historic attractions in Durango which includes riding the train and having fun along the way. From this place you can visit the Verde National park. 

6. Visit Silverton for maximum adventure 

Silverton is the home for everyone who wants to stay in Colorado longer than just their initial plan. There are foods here that will definitely hook you up for a longer time. 

7. Visit sand dunes National Park 

This is for people who just want to explore this historic destination. Having to travel here, you must prepare to enjoy yourself and also prepare food. 

8. Boulder recreation spot 

One of these Places to visit in Colorado to Enjoy your vacation time is at Boulder funky college. With many breweries here you can taste some well made wines before leaving Colorado. 

9. Snowmass village exploration 

Kids love having good skitting experience here and if you want, there are places you can go for fishing as well. 

10. Visit the Colorado spring 

Activities in Colorado Springs include visiting Garden of the Gods, The Broadmoor Seven Falls, and taking an adrenaline drive up nearby Pikes Peak or down to Manitou Springs for the first time. 

11. Glenwood spring experience 

This attraction is located very near Denver, just about a 3 hour drive east of Denver. Availability of a warm pool that will help you have a good experience in the city. 

12. Take a trip to telluride 

The beauty of this place makes it a must visit for anyone looking for the Places to visit in Colorado and desires pure adventure in the city. You will visit Colorado Mountain Town from here. 

13. Explore grand junction rocks and cliffs 

There are popular hiking trails in the destination and since it receives many visitors, you will find a hiking partner. 

14. Pagosa springs 

If you are done exploring other places, you can visit this place to relax after a sunny day. This is the world’s deepest geothermal spring. 

15. Visit palisade 

If you want to enjoy fresh wine under a shade as the sun hammer on, you can stop at this famous destination. There are many Vineyards, and spots to taste fresh wine. 

16. Take your family to the Garden of God 

Natural plants to marvel at in this cool destination is why I added it to the Places to visit in Colorado. Families who want to have memorable experiences alway visit this place when they arrive in Colorado. 

17. Golden Town 

This is a nice place to taste local food, taste good wines, try the hiking trails and watch high mountains. 

18. Visit vail 

I don’t even need to stress why you should put a veil on your next Colorado travel itinerary. This place gives you the opportunity to take part in hiking and other activities. 

19. Dinosaur National Park 

If you are ready for a thrilling horror story about this place then there are people who can tell you some good stories about the famous dinosaur Park. 

20. Colorado national monument 

This park at Western part of Colorado will help you learn about the many wildlife present in the city. If you truly love seeing strange looking animals then this is one of the Places to visit in Colorado. 

21. Estes Park Rocky mountain 

You can visit this destination in summer for maximum experience while hiking or riding on horseback. 

22. Have fun at Breckenridge 

If you have time, you can visit this destination to learn about some amazing historical events on this side of Colorado. 

23. Mesa Verde national park experience 

Take pictures of this cliff under a mountain that reminds the viewers about ancient life. This location is perfect for anyone who loves old stories and histories. 

24. The iconic hanging lake 

It will take time to arrive at the destination. Prepare your hiking gear if you want to visit this place. Nevertheless, the sight of this amazing place will excite you since it has many outstanding attractions and still contends as one the Places to visit in Colorado. 

25. Relax at Buena Vida 

This destination offers many places to stay and appreciate the wonderful work of nature. 

26. Enjoy Red Rocks theater and Amphitheater 

Very close to Denver and it is truly a place to be for all music lovers. You will learn about the music performances in their rock and when they were performed. 

27. Aspen outdoor experience 

Have that amazing travel experience at the aspen town. It is a place to see real beauty of a small town that appreciates music and art. Apart from the music venue, there are good spas and yoga centers. 

28. Red Feather lake experience 

You can fish at this location if you love water activities. Also, there are good parts of the water for kayaking and other fun activities. 

29. Explore Grand lakes 

30. Taste good beer at Fort Collins 


These are Places to visit in Colorado if you love having a good time when vacationing. One other thing I love about Colorado is the availability of any kind of fin you wish to have. Also, both family and friends can visit these locations together. 

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