Why are airline tickets so expensive

Prices of airline tickets are now unaffordable which lead travelers to ask why are airline tickets so expensive? Well, you are in the right place since I will be answering this question about the price of flight tickets going up by the day. 

The issue about the price of airline tickets is that many things affect the price. Some staggering surprise is the price change in minutes and hours. For example, you will see a better price and coming back, the price becomes very expensive. I will reveal to you why things happen. 

Why are airline tickets so expensive? 

If you have experienced a sudden hike in the price of air fare then I will be listing some of the causes of these hikes. However, the cause can vary depending on where you are booking from. 

  • Higher demand of flight 

When many people are demanding to buy a flight ticket on one particular route, it is likely that the price will go up. This is not not strange since this low applies to other commodities apart from airline tickets. When those looking for flight tickets are few, the airline company may likely lower the price. 

  • Emergency demands 

For instance, during the Pandemic period, there were less airline companies operating and the ones that were working had to charge more. Why should they charge more? It’s simply because their service limits have been stretched. 

When there is emergency disruption of normal activities, the price of the flight tickets will go up. 

  • Hike in jet fuel 

The price of jet fuel can contribute to the sudden hike in the price of flight tickets. This also applies to other things that run on the same fuel. During the heat-up in the Russia/Ukraine tension, it led to an increase in the cost of jet fuels which also made the price of flight tickets to increase. 

  • Travel Route 

This may not apply to all the places but when you travel from the same route as wealthy passengers, the price will be much higher. These wealthy passengers will not allow unnecessary stopovers. 

Also, in this route because of airline tickets cost, when the plane has to take an unusual route to avoid red zones then tickets cost will increase. 

  • Seasonal effects 

Traveling off-season will help reduce your flight ticket cost. You know that many people compete to travel back to their base during festival season. Just like I mentioned before, higher demand will drive the price up. 

Just like it’s very expensive to book airline tickets in the season, there are days of the week that you won’t find cheap tickets.

As a traveler, understand your options and learn how to reduce the cost of airline tickets. 

Frequently asked questions 

Why are airline tickets so expensive in my country? 

If you find flight tickets very costly in your country then it may be the cost of jet fuel or another instability in your country’s economy. 

What is the cheapest month to buy airline tickets

You may get cheap flights around March, April, May, July and October. 

Is first class more expensive

Yes. This is like the VIP class so it should be very expensive. 


If you want to know Why airline tickets are so expensive in your country then this is the right article as I was able to explain it very well. Also, you should know that just as many other things people buy are determined by the law of demand and supply, flight tickets are also affected by that law. 

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