When is the best time to buy Airline tickets?

Do you want to know When is the best time to buy Airline tickets? If yes then continue reading as I will show you the best time of the day to book flight tickets. You should know that there’s an argument about the time to buy airline tickets and the time not to buy. However, some people are even asking if the time really matters. And yes, it matters. If you wish to buy the tickets for just a cheap price then it matters the time you will buy the tickets. 

Fact you need to know about the best time to buy airline tickets 

I have seen some people who claim they got a ticket half the price just because they booked it at midnight, but are they true? Well, I will reveal some facts to you about booking flights. 

  • Flights may be very expensive in festive seasons 
  • If you search for tickets on Monday, you will see that they are a little bit expensive 
  • Weekend flight tickets are not cheap since there is rush for it
  • The price of jet fuel heavily impacts the price of airline tickets 
  • Airline companies have different prices for the same location. 

So, When is the best time to buy Airline tickets? 

If you are traveling to an international country then better buy your ticket 6 months before the departure date. Why should you do this? Because the tickets will be very cheap and you have options to choose from different options. However, this method may not be very helpful if your travel plan is not certain. 

Also, if you plan to travel domestically then you may book the tickets 2 months before your travel date. This strategy will give you a very good bargain while you save 20% of the usual price. 

Best time to buy airline tickets in the week 

Research has shown that you may get cheaper flight deals on Tuesday and Wednesday for domestic trips and from Wednesday to Thursday for international flights

The price will be very high if you choose to buy on the weekends and Mondays. 

Best time to buy airline tickets in the day 

Even when buying at those days of the week, you must do it at the right time. Some people testified of getting better deals at midnight but in my research, better flight deals are available around 4am to 5 am. Though in some cases you will see cheap flights offered at 3am but not always. 

Apart from knowing the best time to buy airline tickets, you also need to make use of online booking websites that will alert you when there’s a cheap flight ticket for your destinations. 

Frequently asked questions 

What time is the best time to buy plane tickets? 

You will find cheap tickets from 4am to 5am in the morning. 

When is the best time to buy Airline tickets for local travels? 

You will see cheaper flights on Tuesday and Wednesday. Also, booking 2 months before your travel date will be very helpful. 


Knowing When is the best time to buy Airline tickets will help you in saving money as you embark on this next vacation or trip. Furthermore, the use of flight search websites that alerts users will be very helpful. 

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