Everything you need to know about Vietnam visa

Travelers from overseas need a Vietnam visa to enter the country. However, if they are coming into Vietnam from a visa-free country then they don’t need to possess any type of visa. Also, this depends on how many days they wish to stay in the country. 

Countries that have visa-free eligibility to Vietnam can fly to the country with just their flight tickets and international passport. With other types of visa programs like the E-visa and visa on arrival, the traveler can get the E-visa online when traveling. This visa type makes things easy for every traveler. You won’t have to wait many hours in the embassy seeking to secure a valid visa. 

Another important thing you should know is about the visa on arrival. This particular visa is very easy as well. The traveler enters Vietnam and gets issued this visa when they arrive. 

Who needs a visa to enter Vietnam? 

Citizens and permanent residents in these countries I will list below can enter Vietnam without processing a visa. They can remain in the country for 14 to 90 days depending on the country they are traveling from. (this table explains it clearer). 


Countries  Free visa validity 
Belarus  15 days 
Brunei  14 days 
Cambodia  30 days 
Chile  90 days 
Denmark  15 days 
Finland  15 days 
France  15 days 
Germany  15 days 
Indonesia  30 days 
Italy  15 days 
Japan  15 days in Vietnam without a visa 
Kyrgyzstan  30 days 
Laos  30 days 
Malaysia  30 days 
Myanmar  14 days 
Norway  15 days 
Philippines  21 days 
Russia  15 days 
Singapore  30 days 

South Korea, Spain, Sweden and the United Kingdom also have 15 days visa free to Vietnam while Thailand has eligibility for 30 days visa free to the country. 

Types of Vietnam visas 

There are many types of visas you can apply for. They serve different purposes depending on how many days you wish to stay in the country and what activities you want to perform. 

Vietnam tourists visa: people who wish to visit Vietnam for just tourism and to enjoy themselves while visiting many of the attractions in the country. 

Business visa: business visa is for people who wish to attend conferences, meetings, seminars and conduct business. 

Vietnam work visa: work visa is for travelers who would wish to engage in paid work when they are in the country. 

Students visa: Foreign students can apply for this type of visa. It is also for r internship purposes and undergoing minor courses. 

Vietnam investors visa: do you wish to invest in the Vietnam economy? Then this type of visa is best for such purposes. 

Vietnam transit visa: valid for a maximum of 48 hours and 72 hours in some cases. It is for people who want to transit from Vietnam Airport and continue their journey to their main destination. 

What are the requirements for a Vietnamese visa? 

If you have chosen the type of visa you will be applying for, you need to secure these documents and meet other requirements before applying. 

When applying for Vietnam visa, You need a valid International passport that has a minimum of six months validity with at least two empty pages. 

  • Passport photographs 

Recent passport photographs that are identical and have no form of editing. It should have white background and you should not be wearing glasses or any type of headgear. 

  • Completed visa form 

Download the visa form and provide all the information they require from you in the form. You will This when going to the embassy. After this, you have to make payment for this application. 

  • Letter of invitation 

If you don’t have a letter of invitation then you can substitute it with a hotel accommodation or any other form of accommodation proof. 

  • Proof of fund 

Don’t apply for a Vietnam visa without having enough funds to finance your stay in the country. A company you are working with can provide a bank statement or letter stating they are sponsoring you. 

  • Admission letter 

Although this is based on the type of visa you are applying for. Students need a letter of admission to proof they are truly eligible to study in the country. 

How to Apply for Vietnam visa 

Follow these steps to apply for a valid visa through the Embassy. 

  1. Visit the embassy or Vietnam representative in your country to check out the full application documents you need. 
  2. Provide all the documents and applicable to your visa type. 
  3. Submit the documents you have and make payments for this visa application and wait for it to get processed 
  4. The next step is to collect your passport back when they have made a decision on your visa application. 

How to Apply for Vietnam visa on arrival 

If you are traveling from one of the countries mentioned above, you have the right to enter Vietnam without any type visa. However you need to apply for a visa on arrival in some cases. 

You need a pre-approval letter which will give you access to get a visa stamp when you arrive in the country. 

  • Apply online. Enter the number on your passport which is known as passport number. Make payment for the visa and the pre-approval letter will be out in just 2 to 4 weeks. 
  • After waiting, the pre-approval letter will enter your email. This is the right documents you need when traveling with a visa on arrival. 
  • Print this letter in hard copy and leave the one in your email for reference purposes. Gather other information like passport photographs, international passport. 
  • Queue up at the arrival counter in the airport. They will stamp your passport with the visa and you make payments. 

Frequently asked questions 

Who can apply for a Vietnam visa? 

Students, tourists, business owners, and any other person that wants to perform any activities in the country. 

Will it take time to process my visa? 

The time it takes to process a visa is dependent on the type of visa you are applying for. Some will be fast but others will take much time. 


A Vietnam visa is available to people who are from countries that do not qualify for visa-free entry to the country. It is not difficult to get through if you carefully provide all the important documents. 

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