The Complete guide on how to apply for Vietnam visa on arrival

Travelers traveling from Vietnam with a visa on arrival can apply for a pre-approval letter before going ahead to travel to the country. This letter is what you will give to the immigration officials when you arrive at the country airport. 

Not all airports in the country can welcome someone who only has a visa on arrival. Also, if you are traveling to Vietnam by sea, you may have to apply for a visa before arrival. So, these are airports that you can land in when traveling with visa arrival. Tan Son Nhat in Ho Chi Minh city, Cam Ranh Airport in Nha Trang, Cat BI airport in Hai Phong, Noi Bai international Airport in Hanoi, Danang Airport in Da Nang. 

Other airports apart from these ones will not issue you a visa on arrival so, be aware of this when traveling

What are the Vietnam visa on arrival Application requirements? 

Provide these documents and meet the requirements I will list here when applying for a valid Vietnam visa. 

  • Passport: provide a valid passport that has a Minimum of six months validity and at least two empty pages for visa stamp. 
  • Passport photographs: provide two recent photographs that are identical and follow these guidelines:
    • White background 
    • 4 x 6 cm
    • Neutral facial expression 
    • Don’t wear glasses 
    • Don’t wear headgear. 
  • Complete the entry and exit form: this form should be completed and given to the immigration officer in the airport counter. 

Guidelines to apply for Vietnam visa on arrival

Follow their guidelines to apply for a Vietnam visa. The first step is obtaining a letter of approval which you will present to the immigration counter. 

Get pre-approval letter 

The Vietnamese immigration department will offer you a pre-approval letter which you will take when traveling. This letter will be sent to you by email after applying for it. 

Mostly, agencies are responsible for the process and you need to choose a good agency that will not do a bad job. 

  • Provide you passport number 
  • Make payment for this application 
  • Wait as they process this request within few days or one week 
  • Receive this letter through your email 
  • Print a copy of it and have it with you while traveling. 

Enter Vietnam with this letter 

With this letter, you can enter Vietnam and receive a visa on arrival. You will have to go straight to the immigration counter when you arrive in the country. Give them your documents, and pay the fees. They will offer you a visa on arrival. 

Frequently asked questions 

How much is a Vietnam visa on arrival? 

It will cost $25 to $50 for a one month single and multiple entry visa. Three months single and multiple visa on arrival will cost $25 and $50 respectively. 

Who can apply for a visa on arrival? 

Any traveler going to Vietnam from an eligible country can apply for this visa before departure. 


Vietnam visas on arrival give travelers the option to enter the country without having to waste their time. This visa option is fast and business owners will not have to wait for days before traveling to Vietnam. However, not all countries are eligible for this offer. 

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