10 Best travel itinerary templates for your next plan

There are many Things to consider while choosing the best travel itinerary templates that will be more suitable for your plans. If you wish to travel for a meeting then you probably need a conference or meeting travel itinerary template. 

When you want to travel, there are many things you must put into consideration and they are car renting, booking flights, accommodation, places to visit and many others. Summing up these activities and plans will direct you on the best template to choose for your trip. 

Most times, you need to provide a good travel itinerary when applying for a visa. So, you may have made up your mind on what to do but have you been able to plan it out well? This is where the work comes in, scheduling what activities to perform after another. 

Importance of travel itinerary 

Whether you are traveling for business or for leisure, you need a template to clearly define where to visit and things to do. Travel itinerary helps a traveler to;

  • Plan effectively and save time 
  • Clear states when they are traveling places they will visit and what they will spend money on. 
  • How many time to spend in a particular place before moving out 
  • Helps to remember minor things that are also important. 

10 Best Travel Itinerary Templates for your Next plan 

If you are planning to travel and have it in mind to create a travel itinerary then these are the best templates to use. They are best in helping you create a clearer plan and that are easy to use. 

#1. Business Travel itinerary template

Your business travel itinerary should have the date of your departure and changes or other meet up dates well spelt out. Hotel information and identifying the nearest hotel for easy transportation should be in the itinerary. Also, it should have the time of planned business meetings and restaurants that are better accessible after meetings. 

2. Vacation travel itinerary template 

When working on a vacation itinerary, it must contain places you will be visiting and activities to perform. Making a mapping of these destinations will be very helpful. Also, while inputting attractions to visit, remember to show important and less important places to help save your time. 

3. Event planning itinerary templates 

This type of template may look easy but one of the most difficult one of all itinerary templates. It is all about planning for an event so you have to know all the details about the event. Aside from that, you should also know the time for the event so that correct times can be stamped to all activities. 

4. 24 hours travel itinerary template

If you will be traveling for just one day and you don’t want to have things messed up. You need to plan very well with a clearer itinerary which will reflect the number of places you wish to visit and time to spend in all of these places. 

5. Agenda itinerary template

Mostly for a very short meeting but you don’t want to waste the opportunity of having a good time navigating from one plan to another. This type of itinerary will help you have enough time and interact with people since things are already planned out well. 

6. Conferences travel itinerary templates 

This type of itinerary can be helpful to someone planning a conference and a person planning to attend a conference. Events like this need to be planned well to avoid meeting up late or too early. The hotels and other things like restaurants may be part of this itinerary. 

7. Board meeting travel itinerary templates 

Mostly very important if you are the one to organize the meeting. This template must contain a timestamp for all activities that should take place in the meeting. Leaders like the manager’s speech, tasks presentations, open discussion, closing discussions and promotions are some important items this type of itinerary should contain. 

8. Vacation itinerary templates 

Beginning from home address, flight information, accommodation, emergency contact details, tours, museums and many others form a perfect vacation itinerary. Most times, Working on this type of itinerary can be confusing if you will be embarking on this journey with many other travelers. You will need to consider them and what they will like to do apart from the general plans. After working on this type of itinerary, you need to make copies and share with other travelers. Additionally, this type must have a map in order to clearly state where to visit and directions for emergency reasons. 

9. Solo travel itinerary templates 

If you wish to go for a solo trip then it’s best to make a clear itinerary to avoid deviating from the initial plans. Transportation, accommodation and importantly destinations to visit will make up your solo itinerary plans. Also, having a hard copy of these itinerary will give you better experience and control over many side attractions that will definitely pop up. 

10. Family vacation itinerary templates 

This is another large template format since all the families will be part of your travel plan. Dates, locations, time, activities, events, tours will make up your family trip itinerary. Even if it will be a very long trip, remember to apportion activities to every moment to make things look very good and less boring. 

Frequently asked questions 

What are Travel itinerary templates

They are procedures you should follow when planning your vacation of any type of trip. They must contain the destination, airport, hotels, attractions to visit, time to spend on each meeting, meals, and others. 

How do I create a travel itinerary? 

You must first make up your mind on the destination to visit then outline all the attractions there. These will help you make informed choices on the best place to visit and where not to visit. Then pick a date for your trip, airport, hotel, transportation and restaurants. 

Is a travel itinerary easy to create? 

Depending on the kind of trip you are embarking on, there are templates to help you create an itinerary easily. 

Should I create an itinerary for family vacation

Yes. This will help know where to visit and when to visit. Without an itinerary, your family trip may end up being boring. 


Travel itinerary templates are methods that will help every traveler create a very good way to spend their time while moving around. These plans are best when you want to have a wonderful experience on your vacation and other trips. 

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