Best time to travel to Costa Rica

The Best time to travel to Costa Rica is the December holiday period if you want to visit when others are also visiting. However, you should know that those peak periods like December and January are very costly. So, depending on what you want and the kind of experience you wish to have, I will show you the perfect time to visit Costa Rica. 

The rain is at its peak around October and November but begins to reside in December. Rain in December won’t disrupt any plans since it rarely rains. So, December is when most tourists visit the country since the sun is there and the weather is not too dry. Also, birds and other wild animals are seen more in December. 

Are you planning to visit Costa Rica on a very low budget? Then you have to prepare to visit around July and August. This time of the year is perfect to travel with a low budget since there will be few travelers. Couples who want to go for a honeymoon should also prepare to travel by this time to avoid overcrowded hotels and resorts. 

When is best whether time to travel to Costa Rica 

Not everyone travels without minding how the weather will be. What is the essence of traveling to have a good time but you are not comfortable with the location. 

Costa Rica is a complicated place when it comes to predicting the best time to avoid rain since it’s mostly covered with rainforest. January and February will offer the best time for people who don’t like rain. March is also a very dry season that sees less rain

If you wish to travel in the peak of the rain then October and November is best for you. One good thing about this time is that the cost of commodities is unbelievably cheap. Also, you may be the only one as a tourist or just a few of others. 

Best time to travel to Costa Rica with low budget 

Festival Seasons like Christmas and the Easter holiday will be very costly and the crowd is also much. There’s no magic to reduce the cost of things if you want to travel for Christmas. However, just like the trick we use to get cheaper airline tickets you can book for flights one year before the travel date. Looks crazy right? Yes! That’s how to get a cheaper flight deal to Costa Rica in the peak seasons. 

Frequently asked questions 

What is the Best time to travel to Costa Rica? 

December and February is best if you want to catch the games and marvel at Christmas decorations and events. August is also good since the price of commodities will reduce but there will be a lot of rain. 

What are the hottest months in Costa Rica? 

March and April is better when you want to explore the beaches and engage in other dry season activities. 

Is Costa Rica good for vacation

This destination offers what you need to have a good family or alone vacation. There are beaches, cheap foods and accommodation plus the locals are welcoming. 


If you are looking for Best time to travel to Costa Rica then you should wash your traveling bag as I prepared a list of the best times. Even if you only want to travel in the rainy season, there are many good things you can enjoy in this lovely country. 

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