Best places to travel in the US: 30 best places to travel in the US

If you want to know the Best places to travel in the US for your next vacation then you are in the right place. There is always a confusion when choosing the destination for your next trip and that’s because all the United States cities have lots of attractive destinations. However, not all the places will give you that satisfaction you desire so, I will help you with a list of some nice places. 

The United States is a very large country with diverse cultures and landscapes. So, when it comes to traveling, you have to ensure the location you choose is the best for your travel purposes. 

30 best places to travel in the US 

In this article, I will organize the thirty destinations you travel to with your family or alone. They will contain cities, towns, islands and other beautiful locations. 

1. Los Angeles, California 

LA is the heart of the American film industry and the environment shows this unique and charming infrastructure with designs. Many museums and art showcase activities. 

2. Nashville, Tennessee 

Just as people see Los Angeles and the film home of the United States, Nashville is the home of music art in the country. There are cheaper hotels here compared to LA, so Nashville is one of the Best places to travel in the US. 

3. Fredericksburg, Texas 

This location is now becoming popular for travelers who want to have a unique experience and not just about lakes and beaches. 

4. Houston, Texas 

This city hosts some of the largest malls in Texas and it being the financial power of the state is worth learning. 

5. New Orleans, Louisiana 

This city has many French quarters if you love French dishes. Also, you will view some of the iconic artworks in the state. 

6. Atlanta, Georgia 

You can’t make a list of Best places to travel in the US without Atlanta which is the home of spectacular mountains. Other beautiful things about Atlanta are the beaches, retail hubs and luxury hotels. There are also many museums for sightseeing. 

7. Orlando, Florida 

Orlando is a great place for vacation if you want to spend time with family and friends. There are about 100 lakes in this city. So, if you love water and swimming, there are lots of them here. 

8. San Francisco, California 

San Francisco is not just known for Golden gate  Bridge alone, but a place to view massive buildings and architectural designs. 

9. San Diego, California 

San Diego is  called America’s finest city because of the number of beautiful beaches, plants and landscapes. Museums and art galleries are some of the places you must visit if you choose this city. 

10. Chicago, Illinois 

What attracts people to this city is the massive architectural designs, cultural attractions, museums, and it’s reputation as the home of Arts. So, if you don’t just want to make it to the list of Best places to travel in the US, remember the many attractions you can visit here. 

11. New York 

New is not just an ordinary city but the most famous city in the world. There’s no sleep here and the city is live 24 hours with activities going on without rest. 

12. Miami, Florida 

Miami is not a cheap destination but you are not Making any mistakes if you choose this location for your next trip. 

13. Savannah, Georgia 

Savannah is the natural home of many beautiful places that will surprise you. If you are not a frequent traveler then visiting here is a good choice. 

14. Portland, Oregon 

Portland is a city that hosts many forests, landmarks and very friendly locals. This place will be a very good place to visit with your family. 

15. San Antonio, Texas 

I have to add this city as one of the best places to travel in the US because it is The favorite city to visit if you love hearing stories and thrilling tales. Also, There are churches and cheap hostels if you don’t have much to spend. 

16. Stanley, Idaho 

Do you wish to hike on your next trip? Then you must choose Stanley, Idaho because of its many hiking tracks. 

17. Breckenridge, Colorado 

Don’t be afraid to visit Breckenridge in the winter because there are many adventurous activities you will perform that time. However, it’s best to be here in the summer. 

18. Whitefish, Montana 

If you plan for outdoor activities when embarking on a trip then visiting whitefish, Montana is worth it. There are lots of hiking and water paddling activities. 

19. Las Vegas, Nevada 

Las Vegas is known for the fun you will have here but that’s not the only thing about Las Vegas. This city has massive hotels and games to keep you entertained. You will love it here if you are an adult who is ready to live life, add it to your bucket list of Best places to travel in the US. 

20. Charlotte, North Carolina 

If you love natural beauty then Charlotte must be in your bucket list of destinations to visit in the US. 

21. Washington, DC 

Washington hosts the United States Whitehouse and many other museums you will love to visit.

22. Fairbanks, Alaska 

Though you don’t need to spend much time here. Although, having a sight of the night sky will be lovely. 

23. Leavenworth, Washington 

Not a big city like Los Angeles but a beautiful village that is welcoming to travelers. It is cheap here and the locals will show you around. 

24. Annapolis, Maryland 

Annapolis is a home of historic museums that contain art from hundreds of years ago. 

25. Stowe, Vermont 

If you love nature and the view of green lands then this place is perfect for you. Hotels and travel are very cheap plus less expensive foods. 

26. Broken bow, Oklahoma 

Broken bow is a very nice place to visit with your family. No need to worry about the kids because they are going to like it here. So, when making a list of Best places to travel in the US, add a broken bow to it. 

27. Bethlehem, Pennsylvania 

If you want to visit a small but serene place then you should consider Bethlehem. There are several attractions, so you won’t be bored. 

28. Austin, Texas 

Even if you don’t want to take part in the many sporting activities happening here, you can enjoy your stay by visiting cathedral of junk, parks and other destinations. Beyond being a unique city in the United States, Austin, Texas is a nice place for summer vacation. 

29. Boston, Massachusetts 

Boston is one of the oldest cities in the whole world founded around 1630. The history of this city is not only about the speech of Samuel Adam which led to revolution but the beautiful museums and many other spectacular attractions. 

30. Seattle, Washington 

Seattle is a nice place for a short vacation if you love quality oyster, coffee and walking on the beautiful sandy beach. 


When updating your travel list you must include these descriptions as some of the Best places to travel in the US. They are not just best in the mouth, they offer what you need to have a good vacation with your family or alone. 

It is known that the United States has many attractive places to choose for your next trip but I was able to list locations that will give you what you need. 

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