The Ultimate guide on how to gain Turkish Citizenship by investment

Turkish Citizenship by investment is a program by the Turkish government to help people who meet the qualifications acquire the country’s passport. This qualification is not mainly based on how many years you have stayed in Turkey. However, they are looking for investors who can add value to the country’s Economy through investments.  Your gateway …

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Turkish passport application: How to apply for Turkish passport

The Turkish passport Application process is easy when you possess all the requirements. Also, the criteria you should meet depends on the method of application you wish to choose.  Some people complain that it takes too long but not in all cases. Citizens who know the way around the required documents will find it easy.  …

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Australian passport renewal: A guide on how to renew your Australian passport

Australian passport renewal can be done in the country at any passport office nearest to you or abroad. The process of renewing your passport abroad is different to how you will go about it when still in Australia. Although there are not many differences, the document requirements vary since you are not in Australia.  An …

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