How to file for Turkish Citizenship through marriage

Do you wish to know how to acquire Turkish Citizenship by marriage? Then continue reading as I will be revealing to you the ultimate process to marrying a Turkish and becoming a citizen of the country. 

Is Turkey the only country that offers citizenship by marriage? 

Some other countries also offer this pathway to citizenship but they are not as straightforward as turkey. In this country, you only need to get married to a Turkish spouse and you are ready to apply for citizenship after meeting other requirements. 

The other method of citizenship which is “investment” may look very fast but it has many disadvantages; especially when you don’t have money. However, this method I will discuss here is very suitable for everyone who is young and can find a Turkish lover. 

What you should know about Turkish Citizenship by marriage

The Turkish Nationality Act No. 5901 gives foreign travelers access to become citizens of the country if they meet all the requirements. This law states that a Foreigner can stay in Turkey as long as they wish if they are married to a Turkish spouse. However, this marriage should be at least 3 years old before the Foreigner can seek to become a citizen of Turkey. Although, prior to that, they will receive temporary residence permit before that three years. 

Also, if your Turkish spouse dies before the marriage reaches 3 years and you (the Foreigner) meets other requirements, you can apply for citizenship. However, if you have separated from your Turkish spouse then you can’t apply for citizenship again. So, you need to meet below requirements to apply for citizenship through marriage:

  • The couple must be living together as a family 
  • The marriage should not be experiencing noticeable conflicts 
  • The Foreigner must not have any form of sickness that pose a threat to the country 
  • The Foreigner must have no criminal record 
  • The marriage must not be a sham with the sole aim to just gain citizenship. 

How to Apply for Turkish Citizenship by marriage

If you have been married to a Turkish citizen for three years and meet other requirements then apply by following these guidelines. 

  • Provide your passport and other relevant documents like birth certificate, marriage certificate, divorce certificate, death certificate, residence permit, and others as it applies. 
  • Submit this document to the Turkish registry and supply other details like passport-sized photos and biometric. 
  • Attend the interview when applicable 
  • Wait for the decision and signature from the president. 
  • When approved, go ahead to apply for a passport and you are now a full Turkish Citizenship 

Frequently asked questions 

Who can apply for Turkish Citizenship by marriage? 

Anyone who meets the minimum requirements can apply for this country’s citizenship. 

Is there any benefit of having Turkish Citizenship? 

There are plenty of benefits including the right to acquire more investments and easily travel to Europe and Asia. 

Can a Foreigner marry a Turkish? 

Yes. However, just like it is in other climes, you must truly be in love with them and ready to live with the partner. 


Turkish Citizenship by marriage is one of the best ways to become a true Turkish. It will help your children to also become Turkish citizens. Another benefit is that every investment opportunity will not require much paperwork since you are now a citizen. 

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