Turkish passport application: How to apply for Turkish passport

The Turkish passport Application process is easy when you possess all the requirements. Also, the criteria you should meet depends on the method of application you wish to choose. 

Some people complain that it takes too long but not in all cases. Citizens who know the way around the required documents will find it easy. 

Having knowledge of the process is another thing that will make your application for a Turkish passport easy and without problems. 

Turkish passport application guidelines 

If you are obtaining your passport for the first time then these guidelines will help you secure it. Also, Foreigners who are now citizens and need a passport have to follow these steps to acquire a passport. 

#1. Meet all the requirements:

If you are applying as a Foreigner, search for the best real estate available and buy. There are other options like marrying a Turkish or by Naturalisation. However, born citizens who are filing Turkish passport application do not need to meet this requirement. 

2. Collect the necessary documents:

Provide a copy of your international passport, evidence that you have made payment for the passport. Others are;

  • Notarized permit to help the officials do a Background check on you. 
  • Police clearance certificate 
  • Documents to show you meet certain investment requirements

3. Obtain short-term residence permit

This permit is given to those who have met some requirements in the investment methods or those who are pursuing this passport through Naturalisation. Also, if you have been living in Turkey for a long time then your normal permit will be very helpful for your Turkish passport application. 

4. Apply for citizenship:

When you have met the requirements above, go ahead to apply for citizenship. Visit the Turkish registry if you are in Turkey or the Turkish embassy in the country where you are. Whether it’s for investors or Naturalisation, the ministry if internal affairs will verify your documents then forward your documents to the president for signing. 

5. Apply for Turkish passport:

When your application for citizenship is completed, you need to apply for a passport and that’s what shows that you are truly a citizen of Turkey. 

Who can apply for a Turkish passport? 

Anyone who wishes to live and call Turkey a home has the right to apply for citizenship. It is a good way to have all the freedom to visit turkey anytime you wish and invest in any business of your choice. Also, if you are interested in visiting Asia and Europe Frequently then a Turkish passport will open your way to these countries. 

Frequently asked questions 

Is the Turkish passport application process easy? 

Those who are already Turkish citizens can apply for a passport without issues but it will take more time for those who are yet to obtain citizenship. 

How strong is a Turkish passport? 

It is ranked 39th in the world passport index. With it, you can visit over 100 countries without a visa. Though some need a visa on arrival while others require an E-visa. 


The Turkish passport application process depends mostly on whether you are already a citizen or not. If you are not a citizen, you need to either meet the Naturalisation, investment or marriage requirements. 

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