The Ultimate process on how to apply for Turkish Citizenship

Do you want to know How to Apply for Turkish Citizenship? Then read on as I reveal the best way to obtain Turkish Citizenship. The process I will outline in this article will help you even if you have not traveled to Turkey before. 

Furthermore, holding Turkish Citizenship is one of the things you can achieve as a traveler. It opens doors to many opportunities in the country and even around other European and Asian countries. Also, you don’t have to renounce your initial citizenship since they allow someone to hold dual citizenship. 

Marriage, Naturalisation and investment are some of the most popular ways you can become a citizen of Turkey

Benefits of becoming a Turkish citizen 

The opportunity to invest in some of the growing businesses in Turkey is one major benefit of becoming a citizen of the country. There are many others which I will outline here:


  • Travel to many countries without a visa:

The number one benefit of every one who holds a Turkish passport is the ability to travel to different countries without needing a visa. Those who have Turkish passports can travel to more than 100 countries; some without a visa, some on arrival and other through E-visa. 

  • C-2 Schengen visa:

 Every Turkish citizen has the right to obtain the C-2 schengen visa which gives them the opportunity to travel to European countries. This visa is valid for five years and the holder can travel without restrictions. 


E-2 is one the best visas a traveler can hold. Turkish citizens can get this visa and travel to the United States and live for a minimum of five years. 

  • Easy access to Asia and Europe:

Holding a Turkish passport gives you the opportunity to live in the country and still have easy access to Asian countries and Europe. 

  • Dual citizenship:

Turkish citizens can hold dual citizenship unlike many other countries that do not allow this option. 

How to Apply and acquire Turkish Citizenship 

There are different ways you can pursue your goal of acquiring Turkish Citizenship. Follow one method that meets all the requirements. 

How to get Turkish Citizenship through investment 

The Turkish government has a program for investors who wish to obtain the county’s citizenship. It is mainly for Foreigners who love Turkey and wish to acquire the country’s passport. 

This program is launched to attract investors from other countries to invest in Turkey. It has been a successful program as it brings in $250 million every month. However this program may not be for you if you are a citizen of Syria, North Korea, Armenia, Cuba, and Nigeria. Also, if you have any sort of criminal records, sickness that pose threats to the public, or violation of the migration laws then you are not eligible. 

Investment options 

Below is a list of options that you can choose from. Remember that any investment you put into the country can be withdrawn anytime you wish. 

Minimum Investment  Where to invest 
$400,000  Buy a real estate in Turkey in form of an apartments, commercial or industrial building or land
$500,000  Make a deposit of at least this amount in Turkish bonds, bills, shares, investments or real estate. Hold for at least 3 years 
$500,000  Purchase Turkish government bond and hold for at least 3 years 
$500,000  Deposit this amount in any preferred currency into a Turkish bank and leave for 3 years. 
$500,000  Open a business that is worth this amount and provide at least 50 jobs to Turkish citizens. 

Investors family members 

Family members of the investor can apply to become citizens if they are spouses or children to the investor. There will be additional $5,000 payment for parents of investors and $574 for family members. 

How to get Turkish Citizenship through Naturalisation 

If you have been living in Turkey for the past five years then you can apply for citizenship through this method. However, you must be living in the country for at least 5 years and have a good source of employment. 

How get Turkish Citizenship through marriage 

This is one of the best ways to get Turkish Citizenship since it’s straightforward and does not need investment. Although, the marriage and the Foreigner must meet this requirement:

  • The marriage must have Been working fine and they are not separated for 3 years. 
  • The Foreigner must have no criminal records 
  • The marriage should not be an attempt just to acquire citizenship only. 

If your Turkish spouse dies before the marriage can get you 3 years, you can still apply for citizenship. However, it is important to ensure that the marriage was in good faith and not just a drive to become a citizen. 

How to get Turkish Citizenship by birth 

Turkish Citizenship is available to people who are born to Turkish parents. 

A newborn baby can get Turkish Citizenship if they have Turkish parents. Also, if the mother of the newborn is Turkish then the baby can become a citizen. A new born baby will automatically become a citizen of the country if they have Turkish parents. A newborn who is born in Turkey and there’s no person to claim them will become a Turkish citizen. 

Steps to apply for Turkish Citizenship 

  • Provide all the documents applicable to your chosen method. Some of them include:
    • Preliminary examination for (form VAT-4)
    • translation of the notarized passport 
    • Birth certificate and marriage certificate of the applicant 
    • Documents to proof residence permit 
    • Payment receipt for every fees for this application
    • Death certificate when applicable. 
  • Submit your application 
  • Go for interview and wait for response 
  • Apply for a passport when you have gotten the citizenship. 

Frequently asked questions 

How can I get Turkish Citizenship

Either you apply under investment, marriage or through Naturalisation 

What are the requirements for Turkish Citizenship

You must have been living in the country for at least 5 years or are married to a Turkish citizen and have been married for at least 3 years. Also, if you wish to apply through investment, you must have a minimum of $400,000 invested in the country’s real estate market. 


How to Apply for Turkish Citizenship depends on the method you wish to use. Some are easy while others require you to have a certain amount of investments in the country. However, pursuing this citizenship is very helpful since you will have access to many other countries without a visa. 

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