Turkish passport price: How much does it cost to apply for Turkish passport

Turkish passport price has been on the rise since the country frequently hiked the cost of obtaining their passport. Sometimes, the price can go up by 36% in a single year. But is it the most costly passport in the world? No. The North Korean passport is still the most costly passport costing about $3,000 followed by Syria. However, Turkish passports are still in the list since they cost way higher than most other countries

There was about a 36% increase in the price of Turkish passports in 2022 and it is expected to increase by 122% in 2023. This rate, like every other country, is determined by the president of Turkey and depends on revaluation. 

What are revaluation rates? 

Passport rate revaluation is under the article 298 of the tax procedure code which has the right to change the amount anytime. Each year, in October, the revaluation happens with the consideration of average price increases that are seen by the general PPI (period producer prices index). 

Latest Turkish passport price

Travelers who wish to apply for the 6 months validity should know that the fees have increased from 227 to 309 TL. Application fees for a 1 year validity passport is now 450 TL. The two years validity passport fees had risen to 450 TL. Three years validity has also increased to 1,048 TL. 4 to 10 years passport fees have increased from 1,008 TL to 1,478 TL. 

The price for the passport depends on how it changes each year. When you apply for a passport, there are other costs that you may incur which are not directly what you have to pay for the passport. Also, a Turkish passport is only valid for the period written on it. There may be access to renewal and you have to do it before traveling. 

Other things you need to obtain a passport 

When applying for a passport, you should possess all of these documents and requirements. 

  • Identity card. If you are a migrant then you need to provide the residence permit card you have 
  • Fees. Make payments for applications 
  • Provide two biometric photos 
  • Certificate of consent if the applicant is a child 
  • Also provide your old passport in case you have it. 

Frequently asked questions 

What is the Turkish passport price now? 

The price is expected to rise by 122% which will make the six months passport cost 689.75 instead of 309.

Can I get a Turkish passport for free? 

There is a cost for acquiring a Turkish passport and it changes every year depending on revaluations. This can be seen when applying for passports of other countries. 

Can I renew my Turkish passport? 

Yes, and in some cases, you have to make payment for renewal before passport issuance (for the six months validity passport only). Even if you are overseas, you can also renew your passport when it expires. 


Turkish passport price is contending to become the most expensive passport in the world. This is because revaluation keeps increasing the fees each year. Nevertheless, holding this passport gives you access to enter many countries without Visa and visa on arrival for other countries. 

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