Turkish Citizenship test: Here is what to expect during the test

The Turkish Citizenship test is just another set of rules every traveler has to abide by as they apply for a Turkish passport. This is not like the classroom test you are used to since it is not in that kind of setting. 

If you are truly applying for citizenship, then preparing for this test will help you learn more about the country. Apart from just passing it, these are some. Knowledge that will benefit your pursuit to become a Turkish citizen. 

Is the Turkish Citizenship test a question or answer section

The Turkish Citizenship test may not actually turn into a question and answer section but preparing with that in mind will be very helpful. Just like knowing which school you are applying for when seeking admission, it is important you know everything about turkey. This knowledge should focus more on the method of citizenship you are applying for. So, if you are seeking to apply for citizenship through marriage then you should learn about that, it’s by investment then you must learn how it is done. 

How to pass Turkish Citizenship tests 

Don’t just apply for Turkish Citizenship when you lack some knowledge on how to go through all possible interviews you will face. Some information can even lead to disqualification of your application if you can’t handle it very well. 

Obey Turkish Citizenship laws 

Just like every other country, Turkey has some sets of rules you must obey when you Live in the country. Apart from having no criminal records, you must not have been found offending any of the many Turkish laws. 

Citizenship service 

Turkish citizens have some sets of services they have to provide to the country. So, for a Foreigner who also becomes a citizen they must adhere to some of these service rules

Furthermore, there are duties everyone who claims to be a citizen must provide. The department of interior, police department, the court, director General of population and citizenship affairs. These government bodies require service from the citizens. 

How to qualify to provide services to the country:

  • You must be 18 years of age or above 
  • You should be proficient in the Turkish language if you desire to work with the government 
  • No person with mental illness will be allowed to work with the government agencies 
  • Those who have lived in Turkey for the past 5 years are those who qualify for this service 
  • Also, you have to make up your mind to live in turkey. 

Frequently asked questions 

Will there be a Turkish Citizenship test? 

Turkish Citizenship does not require a classroom test but everyone who wishes to acquire the country’s passport must know the country. Knowing what it means to be a Turkish citizen will benefit you in any interviews. 

Will I benefit from being a Turkish citizen? 

This country is among the top countries in the world and it gives you access to enter many countries in Asia and Europe. Turkey also has a very good economy for investors. 

What if I fail the Turkish Citizenship test? 

If the test is very crucial then you need to pass it. However, in case you fail, then you won’t qualify for citizenship. 


The Turkish Citizenship test will determine if you qualify to become a citizen of the country or not. It will only take you knowing all about this country if you want to pass this test. 

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