Best vacation spots in the US: 50 best vacation spots in the US

Are you looking for the Best vacation spots in the US? If yes, then you are in the right place as I will outline all the places and spots you should visit in the United States. Your dream of having a perfect vacation with the family or alone will be memorable if you choose to visit any of these spots. 

These top places have their own unique attractions that makes it a very nice choice to visit. Some are for people who love sunny destinations while others are perfect to have a wonderful snow experience. 

Why should you visit the US for vacation? 

This Country is not just top in many things like massive architectural designs and tall buildings, it is also hosting some of the nicest spots to visit. Mainly, whatever kind of experience you desire has a place in this country. Whether you wish to swim in the beach, hike the trail, catch sights of the Skyview, dangle through the zipline or surf the waves. Your favorite activities are available in the United States. 

50 Best vacation spots in the US

#1. Glacier National Park, Montana 

There are massive hiking trails in Glacier National Park for those who love adventurous experiences. There are other spectacular attractions here you will really love. 

2. Death Valley National Park, California 

This is a top destination in the United States since it’s very diverse and has some nice landscape for nature lovers. 

3. Bryce Canyon National Park, Utah 

One of the most popular things to do here is taking pictures in the breathtaking viewpoints like sunset points and Bryce point. Also, there are other places that are filled with good sights. 

4. White Sand National park 

This destination is located in New Mexico and still remains as one of the Best vacation spots in the US. There is a beautiful sand dune where you can experience hot sun and take pictures. 

5. Joshua tree National Park 

I love deserts and that why I will recommend this destination that has about 2,000 miles of long desert. Museums, hiking trails, historic locations, and spectacular structures are part of the wonders here. 

6. Olympic National Park, Washington 

This tropical park is one of its kind. You have time to wander around the forest while adoring the work of nature. 

7. Mount Rainier National Park 

Another nice spite in Washington for anyone who loves a good vacation. The US is a big place and Washington hosts many attractive spots for travelers. 

8. Zions National Park 

Don’t travel and remain indoors like you never traveled. Zion’s national park will rush you outside with its many outdoor activities that will amaze you. It is one of the Best vacation spots in the US for those who love outdoor activities. 

Grand Teton National Park, Wyoming 

Canoe adventure is one particular thing I will never forget to always try when I visit this park. Another good thing here is watching wildlife and other creatures you should marvel at. 

9. Redwood National & State parks 

The coastal drive loop  Requa Road and Enderts Beach road are Good places to experience road trips. 

10. Yellowstone National Park 

Another park in Wyoming which features a massive water show to entertain your sights after a beautiful morning in the perfect hotels around. Dramatic and more of a paradise destination. 

11. Rocky Mountain National Park, Colorado 

If you are in Colorado and want some place to be then I recommend Rocky mountain National Park. I always mention this destination in most of my articles about Best vacation spots in the US because of how amazing it is. 

12. Acadia National Park, Maine 

Some travelers are still yet to learn about the gem in Maine waiting for enthusiastic travelers. Starting from a stunning park to clear hiking trails and avenues to watch wildlife. 

13. Denali National Park, Alaska 

Even though this park is not spooky enough, it is an amazing place to see nice attractions at night in the summer season. Take a helicopter tour over the park and watch wonders of nature from the sky. 

14. Grand canyon National Park, Arizona 

I have to mention this park because of how popular it is to visit in the summer. Who wouldn’t want to watch the shooting stars at night? This is one of the Best vacation spots in the US. It has some of the most enjoyable things you can do in this destination. 

15. Kauai, Hawaii 

Enjoy a ride on a horseback along the farmlands, beaches and jungles in this nice spot. 

16. Key west, Florida 

I will recommend these spots for couples looking for a nice place for their honeymoon vacation in the US. Many water activities to engage in like kayaking, scuba diving, surfing and turtle watching. 

17. Cape Kiwanda, Oregon 

Cape Kiwanda boasts of iconic beaches and best spots to visit in the summer. 

18. Myrtle beach, South Carolina 

This is one of the Best vacation spots in the US if you care for real adventure. Another location to enjoy outdoor plays, water sports and joining other tourists on forest adventures. 

19. Big Sur, California 

Hike the popular waterfall trails and visit some iconic cliffs. 

20. Oahu, Hawaii 

This destination is popular for its high ziplines that spread around the whole place. An experience like this gives you the opportunity to view the work of nature from the sky. 

21. Miami, Florida 

Do you wish to visit a very popular destination? If yes then Miami is A destination for every type of vacation in the US that is ready to make your stay very lovely and memorable. With the opportunity to watch the beaches with other travelers like you. 

22. Big island, Hawaii 

Have you seen a volcano erupt before? If No, then this is one of the Best vacation spots in the US to watch it. This is known as one of the most active volcanoes in the world since it’s always erupting. 

23. Maui, Hawaii 

Just a good place to watch giant whales and see other sea creatures. 

24. San Diego, California 

San Diego will offer visitors sights of some iconic structures and massive museums. Nice for family vacation or traveling with friends. Be ready to appreciate many art and historic structures available here. 

25. New York city 

This is a top vaccination spot in the US that will offer you opportunities you won’t ever imagine. You will see the true definition of a moving environment in New York city. Places to watch the art as there are many museums available. 

26. Nashville, Tennessee 

I have to mention Nashville as one of the Best vacation spots in the US because these are places that adore the work of art. Music home of the whole United States. Even if you won’t be going to watch any music performances, it is important that you visit museums and popular restaurants. Maybe you will come in contact with one popular artist you know. 

27. Atlanta, Georgia 

Not just about arts and festivals, Atlanta is a good place to enjoy nice outdoor activities or learn good stories about this city. 

28. New Orleans, Louisiana 

Food and spookiness is one thing I love about New Orleans. People with their own plans if entertainment are allowed to visit this city and have fun the way they wish. 

29. Seattle, Washington 

Seattle is a good place to be if you wish to have a good time going to music concerts and visiting museums. There are many good vacation spots in the US but Seattle is the best for cool night parties. 

30. San Francisco, California 

31. Las Vegas, Nevada 

Have the best fun of your life in this lively city. I will say that you should be watchful because you may get enticed with many side attractions and therefore not going home again. 

32. Boston, Massachusetts 

33. Savannah Georgia 

34. Phoenix 

35. Chicago, Illinois 

36. Portland, Oregon 

37. Los Angeles, California 

38. Austin, taxes 

39. Washington, DC 

40. Loudonville, Kentucky 

Other Best vacation spots in the US

41. Philadelphia, Pennsylvania 

42. Orlando, Florida 

43. Houston, TX 

44. Moab, Utah 

45. Aspen, Colorado 

46. Santa Fe, New Mexico 

47. Detroit, Michigan 

48. Sedona, Arizona 

49. Jackson hole 

50. Kansas city, Missouri  


These Best vacation spots in the US for any kind of vacation you are wishing for. Whether it’s for a couple’s honeymoon or vacation with family, these are perfect destinations. 

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