Vietnam visa Cost: How much does it cost to apply for Vietnam visa

The cost of a Vietnam visa depends on which visa you are applying for. Some are very cheap while others are costly. Also, the validity of your visa may also impact how much the visa will cost. 

Vietnam is a popular destination for travelers who want to visit a country that will offer everything they will be needing. Starting from tourism to education to business, to religious visit and many other reasons you should travel to Vietnam. However, choosing the country as your destination is not the end as you must want to know How much it will cost to acquire a valid visa. In whichever way, may impact your choice and the type of visa to process. 

How much does a Vietnam visa Cost? 

There are different categories of Vietnam visas so the cost will vary based on these categories. 

Vietnam E-visa

  • It cost about $25 for E-visa. However, this type of visa only applies to travelers from eligible countries. Those who are traveling from countries not eligible for E-visa will have to check visa fees for other types of visa. 

Vietnam visa on arrival

  • This category of visa will only be applicable to travelers from countries eligible for visa on arrival. The price applies based on type of visa on arrival:
  • Single entry, 1 month visa on arrival will cost $25. There’s other fees like the fee for the letter of approval which you will pay before entry into Vietnam. 
  • Multiple entry Vietnam visa, 1 month visa on arrival will cost $50 for your visa to get stamped at the airport. Then, you should beware of other payments you will make for a letter of approval. 
  • Single entry, 3 months visa on arrival will cost $25 for visa stamping while you have to make another payment for letter of approval which is before entry 
  • Multiple entry, 3 months visa on arrival will cost $50 for visa stamping at the airport and another fee you have to pay for letter of approval
  • Multiple entry Vietnam visa, 6 months visa on arrival will cost $95 for visa stamps at the airport. There will be additional fees you will pay to get the pre-approval letter 
  • Multiple entry, 12 months visa on arrival will cost $135 for visa stamping at the airport. Also, there will be another fee you have to pay when you apply for the approval letter. 

You can also apply for a Vietnam visa at the country’s embassy in your country or at the nearest consulate. The cost here is being determined by the consulate themselves. 

Frequently asked questions 

Will Vietnam visa cost increase? 

The cost has not been increasing for normal visas on arrival or evisa. However, the cost of applying at the consulate may increase. 

Is Vietnam visa free to get? 

Travelers from visa-free countries can enter the country without the need of any type of visa. 


Do you wish to know how to budget for Vietnam visa cost? Then this article will help you in knowing what you have to pay for a visa. It also depends on the type of visa and its validity. 

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