Can I travel to Japan: Here is what to know before traveling to Japan

If you are asking “Can I travel to Japan” from your Country of residence then I’m here to give you an answer to this question. Japan is a great country and anyone who appreciates good things would love to visit Japan. However, the issue begins when you don’t know whether you have the eligibility to travel to the country. 

The main document that can give any traveler access to Japan is a valid visa. Depending on the country you are traveling from, you can enter without a visa only if your country is visa-free to Japan. Some of these countries can enter with a visa and stay from 15 to 90 days. Other countries need a valid visa before entry. 

Visa types to travel to Japan 

There are categories of visa which under them you will get types of visa. There are long-term visa types like work visa and skilled labor visa. Intra-company and business manager are other types of long-term visas.

Non-working visa 

Non-working visas are visas where the holder does not have the right to work for money in the country. Since there are many other visa types in this category, the non-working law may not hold in some visas. 

Who can apply for a Non-working visa

This visa type is available to those going to Japan to acquire knowledge, attend a meeting and other reasons. University students and those going to internships will also have to apply for this type of visa. 

Japan tourist visa 

Do you want to know if you can travel to Japan for tourism? Then read on as I show you how to acquire a Japan tourist visa from your country. 

Citizens from the United States, Argentina, Australia, and most Europeans don’t need a visa to visit Japan for tourism. So, those who need a visa have to follow these guidelines, and most African countries need a valid tourist visa to enter Japan. 

Tourist visa requirements 

  • A valid passport with a t least 6 months validity 
  • A filled out visa application form 
  • Two recent passport photos 
  • Proof of fund which should show your financial ability to sponsor your stay in Japan 
  • Letter of invitation is a relative is inviting you to Japan 
  • Travel itinerary. 

Note: Travelers with a tourist visa are not allowed to work in Japan and other non-working visa types like student visa can’t also work. Although, you can get to work part-time if your study program allows that. 

Frequently asked questions 

Can I travel to Japan from Nigeria

Yes. Nigerians can travel to Japan if the traveler has been able to provide all the important documents and requirements. 

Do I need a visa to travel to Japan? 

Travelers from Australia, USA, Argentina and Europe may not need a visa to enter Japan. 

Is it easy to process a Japanese visa? 

The process involves providing all the needed information and documents. Tourist visas are faster and working visas like skilled immigrants will take time. 


Most travelers Can travel to Japan if they have the needed documents. So, in this article I was able to list some of the requirements you need to meet before planning your trip to Japan. In addition, the Japanese embassy may require more documents depending on your country and type of visa. 

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