What are the requirements for Turkish passport

Turkish passport requirements are some of the criteria you have to meet before owning this powerful passport. As it stands, Turkish Citizenship and passport is a ticket to the good life you have been hoping for. It does not just end in giving you that good life, it will help you grow as a business person or an investor. 

Being one of the most beautiful countries in the European-Asian region, you have the right to stay in the country for unlimited time. And the respect of holding a Turkish passport is enormous so, it’s worth desiring for. 

Furthermore, when you finally have a Turkish passport, you can take part in some of the opportunities available for citizens. Some of them are investment opportunities, welfare and the right to get loans for business. 

Requirements to obtain Turkish passport 

Turkish passports are available to Foreigners but there are requirements you have to meet. These requirements are in different applications options. So, if you are applying, note the requirements applicable to the method you wish to use. 

Turkish passport by real estate investment 

Real estate is a window. Many countries offer citizenship to foreign investors and Turkey also offers this opportunity. So, for an investor who has up to $400,000 to invest in the Turkish real estate sector, you can apply for a passport after meeting other requirements. 

This option is the most reliable way to acquire a Turkish passport and is also straightforward without many processes. Also, the investment still belongs to you but you don’t sell it before 3 years. Another reason to go for this method is that the country allows people to buy real estate in any part of the country. 

Required documents to provide for Turkish passport Application 

While applying for Turkish passport for investors who have bought a real estate worth $400,000, you still need to have these documents:

  • Passport and national identity card that have been translated by the noter office 
  • Two recent passport-sized photos of the buyer for proper registration in the real estate office of turkey 
  • Information about the person or company selling this property to you
  • The contract of this deal in English and Turkish translation 
  • Complete information about this property in question including details of previous owners
  • Proof of Ekspertiz sheet or property evaluation by municipal experts 
  • Belediye rayic sheet for receiving seller by the municipal is another important Turkish passport requirements
  • Insurance for earthquake that the buyer and seller has received 
  • Tax code of the seller 
  • Official document proof of attorney that will handle issues of this property. 

Work residence to Turkish passport requirements 

If you want to also become a Turkish passport holder and you don’t have $400,000 to invest in the country then you can choose this strategy. This is very reliable and the process is simple. 

To apply under this category, you need to have lived in Turkey for a minimum of 5 years and have a meaningful source of income. Also, the law under this method states that you must have been in Turkey for a complete 5 years. And doing this time, you must be working with a company that pays your tax and insurance. This way, they can apply for a passport on your behalf after 5 years. 

You must meet this Turkish passport requirement if you are applying under this method:

  • Be of good moral and behavior
  • Have zero criminal records 
  • Must have meaningful source of livelihood 
  • Must have lived in Turkey for at least 5 years and did not spend more than 90 days outside of Turkey in that 5 years 
  • Can understand and speak Turkish language 
  • Knowledge of common Turkish laws. 

Requirements for Turkish passport by marriage 

This is a common method people who don’t have $400,000 utilize to acquire a Turkish passport. It is easy and straightforward if only you can obey the rules. 

You need to be married to a Turkish citizen to qualify for this method. Also, it should not be a sham relationship just to secure citizenship. So, this marriage should meet these requirements if you wish to get citizenship through it:

  • The marriage must be an official one with everything rightly done
  • The marriage should be 3 years before you can seek for Turkish passport 
  • The Foreigner must not have criminal records 
  • The foreign partners being in a good health is another Turkish passport requirements
  • Marriage should not be sham with only aim to obtain citizenship 
  • The couple must be living together and not divorced 
  • The foreign partner can apply for citizenship if the Turkish partner is late. 

Benefits of Turkish passport 

These are some of many benefits you will get for being a Turkish citizen. This is addition to living in a peaceful environment that supports business

#1. Turkish passport has value 

The simple truth is that not all passports are worth spending $400,000 to acquire; especially when they don’t have international value. So, for the fact that the Turkish passport is ranked around 39th in the world, you can travel to many countries freely. In addition, you can travel to over 100 countries without a visa and visa on arrival. 

2. Take advantage of government services 

Every benefit other citizens enjoy is now available to you when you finally have a Turkish passport after meeting the requirements. Beginning from medical services, loan support and investment options. 

3. Participate in elections 

As a passport holder, you can take part when the country is organizing an election. Also, you can seek electoral positions if you qualify for it. 

4. Easy access to most European countries 

With this passport, you can enter most European countries with a visa. Also, getting access to most European benefits will be easy. 

5. Easy access to loans 

You will get a loan easily with this passport and it becomes more important when you are an investor. 

Frequently asked questions 

What are the main Turkish passport requirements? 

Foreigners who wish to acquire this passport must have an investment in the country that is worth $400,000. Also, you can apply if you are married to a Turkish partner for the last three years. 

How long does it take to acquire a Turkish passport? 

It takes about 6 months to acquire your passport and it will be valid for a minimum of 5 years. 

Can Nigerians acquire Turkish passports

Anyone who has been able to meet the requirements in accordance with a particular method can apply for a passport. 


Turkish passport requirements depend on the method you are applying for. Some just require you to work in the country for at least 5 years and meet other requirements. 

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