Is Puerto Rico safe: Is Puerto Rico safe for travelers?

Do you want to know if Puerto Rico is safe for a traveler? Well, there may be some information you have heard about Puerto Rico that made you ask this question. However, the simple answer to the question on whether Puerto Rico is safe is that ‘it is safe’ and you are free to visit. 

Just like what you hear about many other countries that receive huge numbers of tourists, people also spread news about Puerto Rico. So, to make a wiser choice, check out some of the things you need to know in order to be safe in Puerto Rico. 

What are the common crimes in Puerto Rico? 

Puerto Rico is not only safe for travelers but also contends with some United States states on the most safe destinations. So, to be on the safer side anyways, these are some common crimes reported by Puerto Rico media. 

  • Homicide: this is a popular crime because of poverty and other political vices that influence the safety of the people. 
  • Drug smuggling: it is very wise to stay away from drugs while you are vacationing in Puerto Rico to avoid getting arrested. Also, people who do drugs here stand a chance of getting hit by drug gangs. 
  • Human trafficking: as a traveler, be sure of the safety of any location you want to visit. Don’t follow people you barely know and they are not registered tour guides. 

How to be safe in Puerto Rico as a traveler 

Follow this guide to stay safe while you enjoy your vacation in Puerto Rico. 

  • Be cautious of bad neighborhoods 

Caserios public housing areas have been pinpointed as a very unsafe place for travelers. There are other places like this which hibernate criminals and other evil gangs. Some of these neighborhoods may look innocent to you as a traveler but something dangerous happens there at night. 

This may not look like an evil scheme at first but reality will be on you when you understand how they have been charging you illegally. The price of renting is very high and they will still try to collect money for some irrelevant items. 

  • Don’t attend all night parties 

Is it safe to say that nights in Puerto Rico are lively but you should be careful while wondering at late hours. Only attend parties that other tourists will equally attend. Don’t drink strange beer at night to avoid poisoning and drinking strange things that you don’t know. Wine tasting occasions are a better place to drink new wine, not at night when there are many chances of you getting poisoned. 

Frequently asked questions 

How safe is Puerto Rico for tourists? 

Travelers and tourists don’t need to worry about their safety when they want to visit this destination. 

Can I travel to Puerto Rico alone? 

If you have been traveling before then you can travel to Puerto Rico alone. You only have to avoid dangerous places. 


It is not bad asking the question “is Puerto Rico safe?”. However, what is motivating you to ask this question should not be coming from fake news. This destination is safe and there’s nothing to be afraid about. 

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