What is travel documents number

What is travel documents number? If this is your question then you are in the right place as I will be revealing to you what a travel number is and why you need it as a traveler. Remember that there are other travel requirements but travel number is going to be the main focus in this article. 

What is a travel document number? 

Everyone who wishes to travel abroad from their own country must possess a valid International passport. Do you have this document? If No then you probably need to acquire one before traveling out. Your travel number is the number on your passport; also known as passport number. 

This number is very important as it contains your details in the numerical version. When scanned with a computer at the boarding counter, it shows your details. 

Types of travel documents with numbers

These are travel documents that have numbers which are very important to you as a traveler. They come in different shapes and serve their peculiar purposes to the holder. 

  • Passport 

I have to mention the passport because that is the number one document you need when traveling. It signifies who the carrier is and the country they are traveling from. 

If you are from the United States and wish to travel to any visa-free countries to the US, you need to have a passport. Travelers from other countries and need to process a visa need to first acquire an international passport. 

The Henley passport index rates different passports from all the countries according to their strengths. In detail, all passports don’t have the same power so, using this Henley website, you will understand the strength of your passport and countries you can visit with it free of charge. 

How to get your passport 

Your passport can be gotten by visiting the right authorities in your country. Some countries may give out passports to citizens of other countries who have met their requirements. 

  • Visa

You will also find a travel document number on a valid visa. It is mostly printed on the right corner of the visa. It shows you have the right visa and when the immigration officer checks it, it should be valid. 

Furthermore, a valid visa is what gives the holder access to enter any country. Without it, you can’t travel outside of your home country. So, when you have a passport, remember to also process a visa. 

  • Green card 

Another name for a green card is permanent residence. USCIS grants green cards to migrants who have met all the requirements. Other countries give out permanent residence which stands as a means to remain in that particular country for a very long time. This travel document has its number at the back. 

Frequently asked questions 

What is your travel document number? 

This is a number mostly found at the back of your international passport, visa and green card. 

Where can I find the document number

Passport has its number at the right corner of the document. Visa also has its number clearly printed in the visa. Green card number is clearly written at the back. 


Are you also asking “What is a travel document number”? Then this article has been able to give clear answers to what a travel number is and where it can be found on all your documents. 

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