Travel to Hawaii Requirements: What are the requirements you need to travel to Hawaii

Are you ready to travel and have a tropical experience in Hawaii but you want to know the requirements? Then you are in the right place. I will be showing you the criteria you must meet to be able to enter Hawaii without problems. 

This destination offers a perfect opportunity for travelers from around the world to relax and experience the true work of nature. The design of Hawaii is in a way that no matter what you want, it is ready to offer that to you. Whether you are a first time traveler or traveling with family, there is a place for you to find maximum fun. Moving forward, this guide will help you understand what you need to put in place to visit this awesome destination. 

Who can visit Hawaii? 

Covid-19 restrictions made it very difficult for people to enter Hawaii; even people from the United States have to provide proof of vaccination. However, anyone from the United States can visit this destination if they are truly US citizens or green card holders. 

Travelers from other countries can also visit Hawaii although the law on Covid-19 prevention must be strictly adhered to. The first step for travelers from another country is to acquire a visa when applicable and plan for entry into Hawaii. 

Overseas requirements to visit Hawaii 

The complete requirements for tourists from another country who would love to visit Hawaii is what I will reveal to you. 

  • Passport: Travelers from overseas will have to provide their passport when applying for a tourist visa to the United States. 
  • Two passport photographs: provide very clear and identical passport photographs. 
  • Travel itinerary: since this is a tourist visa to Hawaii, you have to fill out a form which will state what you plan to do in Hawaii. 
  • Visa application form: complete visa application form online and provide required information in the form. 
  • Accommodation: provide evidence that shows you have where to stay when you arrive in the country. Another thing to replace this proof is an invitation letter from a relative or friend who is inviting you to Hawaii. 

Medical requirements to travel to Hawaii 

Covid-19 vacation is the main vaccination and most important medical requirements you must fulfill before entry into Hawaii. Sometimes, you may need to provide results of hepatitis test, HIV test, Tuberculosis test. Other medical criteria may apply. 

Frequently asked questions 

What are the document requirements to travel to Hawaii

The document depends on the country you want to enter from. Your passport is the number one document you need for international travel. 

What is the cost of a US ESTA visa? 

This visa is not available to every traveler but to some selected countries. The cost is just $21.

Is Hawaii a good place to travel to? 

Yes. Hawaii stands as a number one destination for people who wish to have tropical vacation experience. 


Meet these Travel to Hawaii Requirements if you desire to have another type of travel experience that will be fun. Apart from the fun, Hawaii offers one of the best beaches and water sport venues when it comes to traveling. In addition, the restrictions for travelers from the US have been removed to accommodate more travelers. 

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