Cheap airline tickets: Where to buy cheap airline tickets

Looking for where to buy cheap airline tickets can be confusing since many airline companies have almost the same price for a ticket. So, in a situation where you have browsed many airline company websites but still can’t find cheap tickets, what should you do? If you are in this category then this article will help you massively. 

One major thing you should know about airline tickets is the price is not constant. Sometimes they are cheap then the next hour it’s very costly. Nevertheless, there’s a way to navigate your way through this search and have a cheap ticket. 

Booking from airline website 

This in some ways can be the only hope for travelers to get cheaper tickets but not always. The main airline website will promise to give you a cheaper price but they don’t have other functionalities you will find in the OTA websites. Some airline websites do give rewards to flyers per mile they fly. However, OTA websites even give much reward when you calculate it very well. 

Best website to book Cheap airline tickets

  • Kayak 

Even though I will mention many OTA websites, I have to first talk about this airline search engine. 

This website will aggregate many flight deals from different websites and put up the best price for you. So, you don’t need to waste your time searching from website to website when they will give you the best. 

  • Expedia 

This is an OTA website that has been existing since the 1990s and has been trusted by many users. They have reward programs they use to appreciate people who use their services. However, this reward program is available to only elite status. 

  • Priceline 

Priceline works with the price of flight in a view of giving you the best price. They offer discount flights for people who eagerly want to book cheap flights. Novice and first time users can use this website without hitches. 

  • Hotwire 

Hotwire has been helping people find cheap flights for more than 20 years. By just putting your travel details on the search box, you will find cheap flights tickets you can book. Another beautiful thing about this website is that you can find cheap hotels when booking for flights. 

  • Skyscanner 

Here comes another travel search engine that will be very beneficial to people who have not been using any OTA before. Since you want to book cheap flights, this website will show you different prices of airline companies and you choose from there. 

Frequently asked questions 

Can I book Cheap airline tickets from home? 

If you have an internet enabled device then you can simply book airline tickets online by searching for a good deal from these websites. 

How do I find cheap flight prices? 

You can find cheap prices by searching for flights through many websites available. 

What is the cheapest time to fly? 

If you want to buy cheaper flight tickets then you must book the tickets at around 4am to 5am.


Cheap airline tickets are not always easy to find when you fail to book your flights earlier. However, when you start the search earlier there are chances you will see flights that won’t cost you much. 

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