Steps to acquire Refugee travel document

Refugee travel document allows you to freely live in a country as a refugee. People who must be granted a refugee should have been declared a refugee and they have not been using this process as a scheme with lies. 

You can get a passport from your Country as a way to start applying for a refugee document or you have subsidiary protection status. Also, if you don’t have a passport but documents to show you are in danger then you may also apply to become a refugee. 

Who can apply for travel refugee document? 

Not everyone can apply for a refugee so, you have to be in this category before applying for a refugee. There are many Things that can qualify one to become a refugee and they are here. 

  • Must have been granted a refugee 
  • Should have been granted subsidiary protection status 
  • Should have been stateless under the country’s law or under the New York Convention of 1954
  • Have been granted access to live in the country where you wish to apply for refugee 
  • Have a refugee relative or anyone under above conditions. 

What you should know about refugee 

When you are declared a refugee after you have been granted permission for international protection. Also, when you enter a country as a refugee then you may get other travel document that will allow you to live legally. 

With valid refugee documents then you can travel to other neighboring countries. For instance, a refugee in Poland can travel to other European countries and stay for a maximum of 90 days. 

Having a subsidiary protection status 

Subsidiary protection status comes when you apply for international protection. Sometimes, the country which you are seeking for refugee protection may offer you a passport after verification. 

With this passport which is valid for three years in some countries and 5 years in other countries, you can live in the country without issues. Also, you can travel with this passport and other Refugee travel document to another country. 

Family members of a refugee 

A family member of a refugee or someone under subsidiary protection status can apply for a valid passport. However, they must show that they have not been able to get a passport from their own country after many applications. 

How to Apply for refugee 

You can apply in person when you arrive in the country in which you want to seek their protection. Prepare documents to prove your claim on your family, background and why you seek a refugee. 

  • Make plans to complete the application form when you arrive in the country. Provide your fingerprints and biometrics.
  • You will receive refugee protection claimant documents when your claim has been accepted 
  • Interview date may be fixed when needed. 

Frequently asked questions 

Who can get a Refugee travel document? 

Anyone who has proof of claims they are eligible for refugee after a war or prosecution from their country. 

Can I apply for asylum in Nigeria

You can apply for asylum protection in Nigeria if you meet the minimum requirements. 


Refugee travel document gives you the protection you need from a country. This document can be a passport which is valid for a period of time or another government issued document. 

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