Australian passport renewal: A guide on how to renew your Australian passport

Australian passport renewal can be done in the country at any passport office nearest to you or abroad. The process of renewing your passport abroad is different to how you will go about it when still in Australia. Although there are not many differences, the document requirements vary since you are not in Australia. 

An Australian passport is the official document you need when you wish to travel from Australia to another country. It shows that you are truly an Australian. So, it is important for both travel and identification. In some cases, your passport will distinguish you from other people. 

To renew your Australian passport, you have to apply for the renewal through mail if you are abroad. Also, someone who is less than 18 years old may have different procedures when applying for a passport renewal. So, read on as I clearly explain to you how to renew your passport in Australia and outside of Australia. 

What you should know about Australia passport renewal 

  • If you already have a passport and are waiting for it to get renewed, and you are now. 18 years or above then your previous passport must meet this criteria;
  • It must have been issued to you when you were 16 years or older than that 
  • It must have been issued to you after 01/01/2006 
  • The passport must have your correct name, date of birth in Australian standard, place of birth and gender. This means that you still want to maintain the personal details you had in the previous passport. 
  • This passport you wish to renew has not been reported to have been lost, stolen or canceled. 

If all the conditions above apply to you then you can use the online portal available to renew your passport. 

If the options above do not apply to your passport renewal request then you may have to  apply for it using the old method. 

Follow this steps to apply for All Australian passport renewal 

This guideline will be very beneficial to applicants who may want to change their date of birth, name, gender or if their previous passport is stolen. 

  • Prepare your documents 

Provide all the important information that you need when applying for the passport at first. This document may include; personal identity which shows you are truly an Australian, a formal document that confirms your place of birth, another identity document which must show your photo, signature, and address. Documents that will stand as evidence to change of name or gender. Include two passport-sized photographs that adheres to Australia photo rules. 

  • Get a guarantor or referee for child 

If you are applying for a fresh passport and not renewing the expired one then you need to provide guarantor. So, this guarantor you are to get must be an Australian citizen who has known you for over a year at the time of this application. For this person to guarantee you on Australian passport renewal, they should not be any kind of relative or someone who lives in the same address. The guarantor has to provide their full name, contact details, passport information, and permanent address. 

  • Complete the application form 

Download and print the application form when you are done filling it out. Accessing this application portal will help you understand the main document you need for this process. 

Submit your application and make payments then wait for it to get processed. Parents can do the submitting for their children. Wait for some weeks and the passport office will tell you when to collect your new passport. 

How to Apply for a new passport as an adult 

Step 1: Gather all the original documents

Provide a valid International passport with a minimum of 6 month validity. A document to show you are from Australia. Documents to support your change of name or gender. Two recent passport-sized photos which have not been edited before. 

Step 2: get a guarantor 

You may not need a guarantor if you qualify for passport renewal but when applying for a new passport, you need a guarantor. This person should not be your relative in a de facto relationship and should be an Australian adult that has known you for at least 1 year. Also, they should provide there;

  • Telephone number 
  • Full name 
  • Australian passport details 
  • Permanent residence address. 

Note: those applying online will also need to provide a referee. This person must be ready to confirm that they know the applicant when contacted by the passport office. 

Step 3: Fill the application form 

You can find the application form here. This form will contain all the necessary documents you have to provide for the application. 

Step 4: Submit your application and make payments 

Find any Australian passport outlet here and lodge your application with them. Take your already filled and printed application form plus other documents. 

How long does it take to get passport renewal 

You should expect your passport through a registered mail in Australia in six months. Before the passport office sends your passport, they will notify you through email. 

If you want, you can choose to visit the passport office and collect your passport by yourself. However, when you have some sort of disability then someone who is 16 years old can collect this passport for you. Give them a signed permission with your photo. The person who has to collect your passport will also have to go there with their identification card. 

Frequently asked questions 

How do I go about Australian passport renewal? 

You have to ensure that your passport meets all criteria to be renewed. If not then you need to apply for a new passport from the start. 

How long do I renew my Australian passport before expiry? 

If you plan to travel then it’s best to renew your passport 3 months before it expires. This will help you travel and avoid delays due to passport validity. 

Is Australian passport renewal free? 

No, you have to pay for processing it and the cost depends if you are applying for the renewal from Australia or from outside the country. 

Can I apply for an Australian passport online? 

Only those who have not reported that their passport was stolen or lost can apply online. They should also be older than 16 years when they obtained their passport. 


Australian passport renewal is either done online if you meet the requirements for that method or you visit the passport office. Applicants will have to provide evidence they are Australian citizens while applying. 

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