Turkish visa processing time: How long does it take to get your visa

Do you want to know Turkish visa processing time? Then you are in the right place as I will reveal to you the time it will take to get a Turkish visa. According to recent updates, it will take about 15 minutes to process your Turkish passport

Does this time apply to all visa types? No, some are very easy and fast while others may require many steps therefore making it take time to process. However, frequent visa applicants report that it won’t take more than 2 weeks to get your visa. 

Turkish visa processing time frame 

Some visa types like E-visa are for countries eligible for such a program. It will take less time but has its own limitations depending on the country you are traveling from. 

Others like the popular tourist visa starts from securing the needed documents, getting approval and traveling. It happens faster than other ones like the study visa in which you must have an admission with a school before application. When there are no backlogs then you will get your tourist visa in less than 15 days. Country of the applicant will also affect how fast they get their visa. Some cases like this are when a particular country has some kind of political issues that affect visa processing time. 

Different visa types and visa processing time 

The purpose of your trip will affect the requirements you have to meet and how fast it will take to get your visa out. No visa official will give you a Turkish visa when you fail to clearly state your travel purposes with clear evidence. 

  • Tourist visa: when you plan to visit turkey for tourism then use the best form of visa to apply for. It equally takes less time to process when you compare it with other types. 
  • Business: are you planning to travel to Turkey for a conference, meetings or business deal? Then apply for a business visa. It will take about 10 days to process this visa and faster in some cases. 
  • Festive and exhibition visa: mostly for those events that usually happen per annum. It will take about 15 days to process this type visa. 
  • Culture or arts visa: any visa of this type will take minimal time to process. It could take about 7 days to process this visa. 
  • Official visa: this is more of a government delegation visa which is very fast to process and mainly takes about 48 hours to process. 
  • Students visa: most students have to get admission first before applying for a visa. It takes one month to get a student visa. 

Frequently asked questions 

What is the true Turkish visa processing time? 

It will take about 15 days to process your Turkish visa but may take about one month to get a student visa from countries like India and Nigeria. 

Is a Turkish visa difficult to get

It is not difficult if you have all the important documents. Also, check whether your country is eligible for Turkish visa-free travel. 


Turkish visa processing time is very complex but may still be easy to get in countries that do not experience application backlogs. The best way to go about it is to apply days before your travel date. 

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