Best places to travel with kids: 40 best places you consider traveling with your kids

Are you Planning to travel with the kids and you want to know the best places to travel with kids? If this is your question then you are in the right places. This article will help you make an informed choice about the best destinations to travel with your kids. 

Traveling is not just about having the funds to finance your trip, you need to ensure the location is suitable for you and your kids. So, traveling takes another turn when your kids are in the picture. 

However, you don’t need to worry again about thinking or rethinking about a perfect destination. Whether you want an all-inclusive resort, theme park, popular beaches or garden. I will cover everything you need here. 

Should you travel with your kids? 

Well, the choice to travel with your children depends on you. However, if you haven’t made a choice for a location to travel to, this article will help you make a choice. 

If your kid is very young then you should read this properly since I have mentioned nice places you can go with them. 

40 best places to travel with your kids 

#1. Atlantis paradise Island, Bahamas 

This is a very popular resort in the Caribbean and the Bahamas, Atlantis. There are places here for adults and children but the aquarium is meant for everyone who wants to observe different animals and other creatures. 

2. Club Med Miches Playa esmeralda, Dominican Republic 

Kids will love it here as this destination provides some of the best island experience you can imagine. It’s not not expensive as it will cost $77 for a night for kids and double that for adults. 

3. Beaches Negril resort & and spa, Negril 

There’s a private childcare and supervised kids club. The dance parties that happen are mostly for adults. 

4. Fairmont mayakoba, Playa Del Carmen 

If you want your kids to have a good time playing around the resort then you may consider this location as one of the best places to travel with kids. They make sure everyone who is at the place is secured. 

5. Rick house resort , turks and Caicos

Many villa accommodations for the family, large rooms for kids, beautiful beaches and a playground for everyone. 

6. Quisisana resort, lovell, Maine 

Lakefront resort free Wi-Fi and comfortable room for the family. If you have teens then you can learn to kayak with them. 

7. Hidden pond, Maine 

A perfect place to relax in the sun with your kids, take guided walks in the natural landscape, and allow your kids to take part in the tie-dyeing activities. Take a stroll to Kennebunkport in the evening. 

8. Smugglers notch resort Jefferson, Vermont 

Take a break at this resort with your kids to experience the real definition of family vacation. There is play time and equipment for kids and adults. Also, adults can travel to this place, so not just for kids looking for the best places to travel. 

9. Ocean Edge Resort and Golf club 

Not just a usual resort where you swim and eat. There is indoor movie time and scavenger hunt with your children. 

10. Sebasco harbor resort phippsburg, Maine 

The resort has many things for families and kids to have fun. 

11. San Diego 

This location is another nice place you can visit with your family. Even if you decide to travel in the winter, you won’t regret your decision. 

12. Monterey 

Nice aquarium for your gaze and thrills. Your younger kids will love it here as there are many locations they can visit and enjoy. 

13. Los Angeles 

LA is the best place to be in summer with your family if you can’t afford to visit the resort. There are lots of hotels here that charge very less and that’s why I added it to this list of Best places to travel with kids. 

14. Disneyland resorts, Anaheim 

Don’t be afraid to take a trip to Disneyland. It is not as expensive as you think it will be to spend time with the kids here. Taking the rides and playing games will be very lovely. 

15. Redwood national and state parks, California 

Kids will love spending time here with other kids in the park. Especially the junior ranger parks available. 

16. Miami Beach, FL 

Miami Beach is another good place to go with your kids. This place may seem like a destination for only adults but no, there’s a spot for everyone. 

17. Millennium park, Chicago 

Another amazing place to visit with the family and have a view of the city’s big structures. There are activities you can join as well. 

18. Jackson hole, Wyoming 

If you are still looking for Best places to travel with kids and teens, Jackson hole is a nice choice. Though mostly not for children but for teens. You can stay at the hotel Terra Jackson hole. 

19. Riviera Maya 

You can take that family trip to Mexico and Riviera Maya is a perfect place to be. You can enjoy the quintana roo’s adventure and underwater experience. 

20. Dinosaur Valley state park, TX 

Watch some of the best dinosaur tracks that show the reality of its existence in the past. You can either borrow a fishing pole or take a tour of the mountain. 

21. Glacier National Park 

If you are traveling with grown-up kids and teens, you can join the hiking crew for a morning hike experience. 

22. Denver, Colorado 

There are top attractions in Denver you can visit with your kids. The 100 years old children museum makes this place the best choice for a family trip. 

23. Disney world, Orlando 

Let your child catch the first glimpse of the beauty of Disney and take part in some of the games and rides. You as an adult will also have a good time at this place. 

24. The black hills, South Dakota 

The black Hills is one of the best places to travel with kids because of the lessons you will take about the Rushmore mountain together with your kids. 

25. Sesame place 

If your children are younger than they will love it here. The splash castle, big birds river, the tiny tidal wave pool. While you stay with your family at the pet-friendly red roof in Philadelphia. 

26. The Wizarding world Harry Potter 

If your kids love Harry Potter movies then you can visit here with them. There are many things to do here. 

27. Cedar point amusement park 

Take a ride on the historic roller coaster that was launched in 1964. 

28. Hawaii volcanoes national park 

Your children won’t see volcanoes as mere stories if they visit here to have a real life view of it. There are lodges and hotels you stay in when you visit. 

29. Waikiki Beach 

Though not best for toddlers, teens will enjoy the star Beach Boys stands, surfer girls academy and lots of other things. Choose this destination if you are looking for the Best places to travel with grown-up kids. 

30. Yosemite national park

Take a mini hike with your family at the mist trail, watch the half dime and El capitan. 

31. Plimoth plantation, Massachusetts 

32. Buckingham palace 

Ila very busy place for tourists who want to see the trademark available here. Take a look at the queen’s residence. St. James Park is very close to the playground. 

33. Tenerife, Spain 

34. St. Lucia 

35. San Diego zoo

36. Redwood National & state parks 

38. Florida’s space coast 

39. Wisconsin dells

40. Virginia Beach  


Have you been planning to travel with your family? Then check out these Best places to travel with kids in summer and winter. These places are made to accommodate both adults and children who want to have a good time. The cost of being here is also not costly. 

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