Best places to travel in December on Budget

December has been known as the best time to travel in the year but what places should you visit in this season? There are plenty of options when it comes to traveling in December. Firstly, most tourist attractions have to brush up on their destination to receive December travelers, so you have many places to choose from. 

Most parts of the US experience snowfall in December periods which makes some travelers look for a warmer destination. However, this does not represent the choice of everyone in the United States since many still prefer that cold weather. 

So, in this article, I will show you some places you can travel to in December with a smaller budget

Best places to travel in December on Budget 

#1. Branson, Missouri 

There are many Things to do in Branson in the festival season like December. The city hosts enough outdoor entertainment events, water sports, golf games, and many more. One thing I like about Branson is the all year-round buzzling which makes it a perfect destination for everyone. 

December gets it to the peak with light displays, parades, shows, snow tubing, reindeer and family games. The silver dollar city alone is a wonder to behold as it features over 6 million lights beginning from November to the end of December. 

2. Alexandria, Virginia 

This destination features some thrilling historical events and architecture that you can marvel at. Just like what you want, they have plenty of Christmas events to entertain all tourists. And guess what? These activities cost close to nothing, making this destination one of the Best places to travel in December on Budget. 

Take a tour of the market in December with other tourists, then end it with a candlelight tour on weekends after visiting the nation’s capital in December. 

3. Cape Town, South Africa 

If you don’t mind staying in a sunny destination for December then Cape Town is a great option for you. No snowing or unnecessary heavy clothes. Have a nice time swimming in the bright beaches then dry your body in the hot South African sun. Another thing that will greatly help you have a good time is the “Mother city” with its overflowing foods to taste. 

If you are with your family then you can go hiking together and have fun with other happy tourists. 

4. Cancun, Mexico 

Cancun is a very lively city in the Caribbean coast of Mexico. This is another Best places to travel in December if you don’t have a heavy budget. 

There are cheap suites, resorts, hotels, and hostels to stay as you vacation in this destination. 

5. Madeira, Portugal 

Do you wish to experience Iceland in December? If yes then Madeira is there to welcome travelers from around the world. There are many locations you visit while vacationing at this place. 

Frequently asked questions 

Where are the Best places to travel in December

Depending on your location and budget, there are many good places on the Caribbean coast that will not cost much to spend time. 

Which country is best to travel in December? 

The United States offers more variety when it comes to December vacation with plenty of theme parks and museums. 


If you are on a budget and still Best places to travel in December then this article will help you choose from popular but cheap destinations. They offer whatever you need to have a perfect Christmas and December holiday. 

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