Vietnam visa processing time: How long does it take to get Vietnam your Vietnam E-visa

Vietnam visa processing time is not fixed but in normal circumstances, it will take about 3 days to process. However, this time-frame is not the case in some countries that experience massive applications. Also, there are many other factors that are capable of affecting your E-visa processing time. 

Since this is a short-term visa, it is important for the processing time to also be fast. In whichever way, it should not be seen as a hassle for travelers from eligible countries. In addition, business owners and tourists prefer this type of visa so it should not be difficult to process. 

Factors that may affect your Vietnam E-visa processing time 

Some applicants have reported that it only took them about 24 hours to get their Vietnam online visa. Is this the case for everyone? No. The country of applicant and many other factors will heavily affect how fast you can get your visa. 

Large number of applicants: if you are applying from a country that has many other applicants then you possibly have to expect slow processing time. This is a result of other applications that the office needs to settle before yours. So, it will elongate the normal processing time from 3 days to up-to one week. 

Public holiday: holidays and weekends may affect how fast you can get your Vietnam E-visa. Sometimes, religious holidays can scuttle already plans. So, watch out for popular and unpopular holidays when applying for an online visa.

Invalid documents: this is an online application so, be careful when submitting your documents. Ensure they meet the visa process requirements and standards. If there is a change of your details then make sure the change normalizes with all your documents before applying. Some changes like your last name, date of birth and gender should be in order to avoid delayed applications or total denial. 

Unrest: if there’s unrest in the country then you will experience delays in E-visa applications. This is common in some destinations that are in political unrest or war. 

Unable to pay for the visa application: it will cost just $25 for E-visa and the payment is made through credit/debit card. So, when this card is unable to make the payment, the application will stall until payment is made.

So, to be in a good place it’s advisable to apply for an E-visa one week before your travel date. This will give you a chance to handle any form of delay in processing your Vietnam E-visa. 

Frequently asked questions 

Is Vietnam E-visa processing time same for all countries

No, the time it will take someone in Sweden to process an online visa is not the same time it will take someone in the Philippines. 

Can I get Vietnam E-visa in 24 hours

Yes. Some countries are fast when it comes to processing Vietnamese E-visa. These are those countries that experience little flow of applicants. 

What are the main Vietnam E-visa requirements

The main requirements are your international passport, passport-sized photos, credit or debit card for visa fee payments. 


Vietnam E-visa processing time is the time it will take you to get your visa after applying. This time is not the same for all applicants since different countries may have different processing time. However, it will be best to apply in advance to your travel date. 

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