How to get a green card in USA without marriage

Do you want to know How to get a green card in USA without marriage? Maybe you are not qualified to apply under marriage route and you want another way? Well, many people have been seeking for alternative ways and I will help you with the answers in this article. 

Some people shouted that marriage is the surest way to get USA permanent residence but I only laugh at them because they lack knowledge. In fact, marriage is not even at the top when you outline other methods. However, I won’t just let you take my words for it. Read on as I reveal to you some other methods to get USA green card apart from marriage. 

How to get a green card in USA without marriage

Many people from Asia and Africa thought marriage is the only way they can acquire US green card but I will shock them in the writeup. 

Migration have been evolving recently as many doors are getting closed and many others getting opened. So, you need to have the latest information before wasting your time. 

#1. Employment based green card 

Reports have it that 140,000 employment based green card has been was issued to migrants in 2016 alone. Till now, many migrants are utilizing this method to acquire USA green without marriage. 

This method is requires the employer to sponsor the visa of the applicant and it must be one of the important skills required in US. 

2. Investment based green card 

With just $500,000 you can pursue this method of obtaining green cars without marriage. Investors and business owners can utilize this option if they will be ready to meet all the requirements. 

In addition, if you want to invest in an urban area with hope of green card then you may need about $1 million. Another option in this category is creation of jobs with a business you own. 

3. Special immigration green card 

Special green card is for personalities like religious leaders, afghan and iragi citizens, special immigrant juveniles. If you are looking for How to get a green card in USA without marriage then this is another good option. 

4. Refugee green card 

Refugee or asylum green card has been existing for a very long time. Those who have been living in the United States for at least one year after securing refugee papers can apply under this category. 

5. Diversity immigrants green card 

This program is an annual window which is for applicants around the world. It works like a normal lottery but results are picked after 7 months. After the result is out, it will take some months for your application to be processed.

Frequently asked questions 

How can I get a green card in USA without marriage

You either choose other methods like the investment options, Diversity option, employment or refugee options. All of them have their peculiar criteria and documents requirements. 

Is USA green card easy? 

It depends on the qualifications you currently possess. If you lack all the requirements for employment then it is advisable to pursue another method. 


If you want to know How to get a green card in USA without marriage then this article should answer your question. Also, if your application is being delayed then you can choose another method from these ones I have mentioned in the article. 

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