What to do in Orlando: 15 Things to do in Orlando

Why should you be asking about What to do in Orlando when this city hosts some magical destinations? It should be the easiest thing to choose places to visit and what to do in this city. Maybe you are visiting this place for the first time, then you are in the right place. 

The attractions here are marvelous with its many natural and historical designs. And with its cheapness, you are not wrong for choosing Orlando for your next vacation destination

Is Orlando good for everyone? 

Whether you are traveling with family or just yourself, this city has more than enough attractions that you can enjoy. These include iconic park experience, hiking experience and visiting museums. If you live there then there are plenty of street foods available for you to taste. 

Travel agents that work in this city offer packages that contain all the things you have been wishing to do in Orlando. 

What to do in Orlando – 15 things to do here 

Select many of these cheap and fantastic things to do when you arrive in Orlando. Also, coming from experience, I will show you some of the best destinations for families on vacation. 

#1. Visit the wheel at icon Park 

The beauty travelers seek can be found when you take a ride on this historic wheel. There are compo packages available for families who want to have the experience together. So, if you don’t mind going 400 over the group then this is a good way to have fun. 

2. Visit sea life Orlando aquarium 

Another iconic destination for travelers from around the world to see wonders of the sea. This is a 360-degree ocean tunnel that allows you to view sea creatures firsthand with clarity and comfort. 

3. Explore madame tussaud Orlando 

This park is a nice place to learn about most of the superhero characters. It will excite your kids to visit this destination on your next vacation to Orlando. 

4. Visit Orlando science center 

Orlando science center is an attraction that combines education and fun together to entertain visitors. Kids and adults who love science topics will be mesmerized by what they will see here. There’s a “kidstown” made specifically for your kids’ happiness. 

5. Have the Crayola experience 

This destination provides many activities for you and your whole family to spend time having fun. The playground allows children and adults who are ready to forget worries and have true fun. 

6. Visit dezerland Park 

There is no doubt that this 800,000 square feet location has many things to offer travelers. It is rumored to be the largest Orlando indoor entertainment center that also offers free admission. The $25 fee is when you wish to have more specific fun. 

7. Explore museum of illusion 

If not for what you will learn here, you can still visit for the fun of it. The admission is very cheap with the option to have as much fun as you like. 

8. Visit the main event entertainment 

Pointe Orlando dining and entertainment complex on I-drive. The cost of admission is about $22 and you don’t get limited to the kind of game, play or activity to engage in. 

9. Gatorland 

Even though it is still one of the oldest destinations for travelers founded late 1949 it is still a worthy place to visit. A very robust natural park with many alligator, crocodiles, zoo experience, bobcat bayou and plus flight aviary. 

10. Visit Andretti indoor Karting and games 

Find a place to catch fun games ranging from video games, gourmet food, video games and many other activities. The cost of admission should be around $20 and the attractions are suitable for teens. 

11. Explore Old Town 

This historical town hosts nice spots for kids and adults who just want something simple. Featuring amusement parks, dining, and shops. You can add this place to your list if you love a good and uncomplicated destination. 

12. Central Florida zoo and botanical gardens 

This zoo features many spectacular scenery and lovely animals. Also, you will find wonderfully planted gardens with some of the most beautiful flowers and plants in the region. Big animals like giraffes and rhinos are available at this location. 

13. Discovery cove 

Discovery dove is not like what you have been seeing before. It has to combine both aquariums and water parks to give visitors a complete fun and amazing experience. 

14. Topgolf Orlando 

I have to mention this destination because it will offer you that diversity you need when seeking for fun in Orlando. You can have a golfing time with friends and others who want to test their swing abilities. 

15. Winter park boat tour 

Don’t just wander around Orlando without having a great winter experience. This kind of tour will take you round the canals and lakes in the city. This is truly where you learn about the true beauty of Orlando. 

Frequently asked questions 

What are things to do in Orlando with family? 

There are plenty of places to visit and activities to engage in like the famous winter park boat tour and museum of illusion. 

Can I have fun in Orlando? 

Orlando hosts many iconic destinations and attractions for any type of tourists who wish to have fun. So, prepare your bag since there are plenty of things to do here. 


What to do in Orlando depends on if you are an adult or you are in the city with kids. Nevertheless, I have been able to mention some good places you can visit with your family and also alone. 

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