Best things to do in Nashville: 45 best things to do in Nashville

The best things to do in Nashville as a tourist are plenty since this city has been standing up for years as the home of the most hospitable people in the US. You have to choose from getting entertained in their renowned music industry or marvel at the artistic infrastructure in the city. 

Nashville is known for not just the music and talents but people who love partying. This city is ever buzzing with shows from talented artists that are brought up from the city. In addition to this, Nashville is ready to provide you with a diverse array of natural beauty and other adventures. 

Why should you visit Nashville? 

If you are yet to make up your mind to travel to Nashville then you should not think again. Just add this city in your bucket list of countries to visit and I assure you that it will be a memorable experience. 

Almost every street in Nashville has a thrilling story about how music has been part of their culture. The country music hall of fame and other destinations is a good example of how this city is deep into good music and art. 

Furthermore, there are many other places you can visit in Nashville that are worth your time. 

45 Best things to do in Nashville

#1. Take a peek into Ryman Auditorium 

This massive music home was founded IN 1892 and since then, it has hosted many big names in the industry. Taking a tour of this great place will give you a glimpse of the way Nashville appreciates music. 

2. Tafke Nashville food tour 

If you want to taste some good food and help yourself discover another favorite dish then take a food tour. There are diverse dishes from Italian to Mexican foods. 

3. Explore the Country music hall 

This hall of fame is the largest museum in the United States that is dedicated to music and arts. If you are looking for the Best things to do in Nashville while on a family vacation then visiting this destination is not bad. 


4. Enjoy ride with the Tennessee central railway museum 

5. Have fun on the trolley tour around the city 

You can join other tourists to take a tour of the city using the famous trolleybuses. It takes you way back to the 1800s with stories and culture lessons 

6. Explore downtown Nashville 

Feel at home riding a scooter through the downtown area while making friends with the locals. Even if you don’t know how to ride them, someone is ready to teach you how to do it. 

7. Spot celebrities on a bus tour 

You can take a bus tour around the big towns that host famous celebrities in the city. 

8. Enjoy story time on civil war excursion

One of the Best things to do in Nashville is to Learn how Nashville was a major player during the Civil War Era. You will learn how this city participated in over 150 wars in the past. 

9. Learn more about the city at Tennessee state museum 

10. Try the escape room game 

If you are ready for the real adventure then play the escape room game and test your skills. It is a team game that will also help you make friends while still in Nashville. 

11. Learn about RCA studio B

This studio has been used by major musicians in the past and it is worth it coming here to learn about arts. 

You will hear of famous artists who have recorded some great songs at this venue. 

12. Jack Daniel’s distillery experience 

You can taste nice whiskey at this destination and don’t even forget it because many people don’t leave Nashville without coming here. The location is very close to South Nashville so if you want to know the Best things to do in Nashville without traveling far then you can choose this place. 

13. Take a walk in Memphis 

Though you can decide to spend another two days here, if you don’t have enough time, you can simply take a Walk. Learn about the famous Rock ‘N’ Roll music genre. 

14. Explore the Belmont mansion 

You can learn about this big sculpture that reflects the true beauty of Nashville skills in building. If you love history then a visit to their 1850 house will amaze you. 

15. Try the scavenger hunt around Nashville 

If you are strong and ready for a true adventure then you can join this game in finding some of the destinations in the task. Apart from being one of the Best things to do in Nashville, It is a fun and good way to enjoy your stay. 

16. Take private pontoon boat cruise 

If you can afford it, then take this cruise and see how beautiful the Nashville water is. Mostly for families that want to have alone time and enjoy their vacation. 

17. Learn about cars at the lane motor museum

This place hosts microcars, military cars, motorcycles, and trucks on display. They represent American strength in building cars from old to new motors. 

18. Zipline experience at treetops 

This powerful zipline is spread across 1.5 miles and about 85 feet high from the ground. You can explore this area using the zipline. 

19. Learn about the Picasso pieces at the Frist Art museum 

If you love art then add this destination to the list of Best things to do in Nashville. This Is An artistic site you will see many arts dating back to the 1900s. 

20. Try kayaking at the Cumberland River 

Now, this is the best way to enjoy your time in Nashville. You can follow others for a thrilling kayaking experience at this destination. You can view many other parts of Nashville from this water way. 

21. But a souvenir at Nashville flea market 

If you do love shopping then you can buy lots of good vintage clothes here. This market has been existing for over 50 years and has many vendors that are ready to sell to you at the cheapest price. 

22. Watch the sky from hot air balloon 

Why should you even visit Nashville without having the experience of this hot air Balloon? It is the best time to appreciate the landscape in this city. Though you can’t fit many people in one air balloon, you may ride one with your family. So, add it to things to do in this city. 

23. Take memorable pictures at madame Tussauds 

Tell the story of your visit to Nashville with sparkling pictures you take at this famous chain of wax museums. You will find this attraction in the downtown area of Nashville. 

24. Explore the adventures science center 

This is a perfect way to help your children and little ones have the experience they so desire. This center has many locations and things you can do with your children. 

25. Explore the Musicians hall of fame and museum 

This point is another destination to learn about the beautiful facts of Nashville when it comes to music and arts. With the aim of remembering and honoring some famous musicians, this center was opened in 2006. It has become a famous place to visit for people and good for those still asking about Best things to do in Nashville. 

26. Try your IQ at the dinner detective murder mystery dinner show 

If you want to play a real game that will test your IQ then you can play this game with friends. You will be going to find the impostor after interrogating the people at the table. In fact, just play this game and you will love it. 

27. Taste local wine at the Belle Meade mansion 

This mansion has been existing since 1853 and it stands as the best place to taste quality wine. Even if you don’t like wine, you can watch other people crave good wine. 

28. Eat burger at hard Rock café 

There are many Best things to do in Nashville but food tasting is at the top of them all. The legendary burger is a good food for tourists who desire to salivate on a well prepared burger. Not an ordinary eatery but a fancy place to enjoy yourself. 

29. Learn more about Nashville at the historic travelers rest 

30. Visit Nashville backstage at the Grand Ole opry 

31. Watch the wonders of the Greek Parthenon Centennial park 

32. Explore the Nashville zoo with your family 

33. Take the Nashville golf cart tour for the first time 

34. Enjoy adventure at the Mammoth cave national park 

35. Learn something new about brewery on the Nashville distillery tour 

36. Don’t forget the moonshine on a Tractor party wagon experience 

Not just a mere party but an avenue for travelers who are looking for the Best things to do in Nashville to enjoy themselves. At least a better option to clubbing. 

37. Join the Rollin’ Jamboree comedy country sing-along bus tour 

38. Try your shopping skills adt the city’s malls spread everywhere 

39. Appreciate nature and smell the roses at the cheekwood estate 

40. Explore the National museum of African-American music 

41. Pick the perfect souvenir at the Hatch show print 

42. Tru the moonlit haunted ghost tour for maximum adrenaline rush 

43. Enjoy a good ride at the monster truck joyride 

44. See perfect arts at the Johnny Cash museum and Cafe 

45. Explore Nashville from the above on an helicopter tour 


If you are looking for the Best things to do in Nashville when you visit there then this article has been able to answer that question. Nashville is a music-centric city that hosts many of the famous music talents in the United States. There are enough museums, fun games and adventure parks for maximum vacation experience. 

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