Nonimmigrant visa Application: A guide on How to apply for Nonimmigrant visa

Nonimmigrant visa application is very easy since you will only have to provide minimum requirements that are needed to apply for a visa. The United States government is very strict when you have to leave the country after your visa expires. 

If you are hoping to get a permanent residence and start living in the US, you may have to look for another type of visa. Nonimmigrant visas do not give you that permission to stay after the visa you have expires. However, you have the opportunity to change your status without having to return back to your country. 

Who needs a Nonimmigrant visa? 

Anyone who wants to visit the United States needs to possess a valid Nonimmigrant visa. Also, your planned stay in the United States must be a temporary one. 

This visa is in different types which will cover most of the plans you can think of when visiting the United States. There is a Nonimmigrant visa for travelers who just want to tour the states, there’s a visa for business owners who want to conduct business in the country or attend a business conference. 

There is another program by the United States to give visa waiver to people who want to visit for some reasons. This program is not available to all countries and not all travel purposes are eligible for it. 

Guidelines on Nonimmigrant visa Application

If you think you need a nonimmigrant visa to the United States then follow these guidelines to successfully apply for it. 

1. Fill our the application form 

The right form is form DS-160. They will require you to input your personal information including your family details and many other information. Just ensure that the details you supply are the same as what is on other documents. 

2. Make payment for visa application 

Visit the US visa or consulate nearest to you and make payment for this nonimmigrant visa application. The visa fee is around $160 and may go up to $190 if you are a temporary worker. 

3. Secure visa interview appointment 

This step is very vital to ensure your visa is processed at the right time. Use the United States department of state’s website to book appointments for interviews. Note that it will take time depending on your country of application. 

4. Prepare documents for the interview 

When you successfully secure a date for an interview, the next thing is to gather all the important documents you need for this process. While filling the DS-160 form, you will see where they list all the important information for this application. 

5. Attend visa interview 

A US visa interview is a major determinant to whether you will get the visa or not. It usually takes a small amount of time to complete. 

6. Receive your visa 

After the interview, they will give you a visa if you meet all the requirements for the visa you applied for. 

You can go ahead to make plans for the main trip to the United States with a nonimmigrant visa. 

Frequently asked questions 

Is Nonimmigrant visa Application easy? 

It is easy if you have all the important documents they require from you. 

Who can apply for this visa? 

Anyone who wants to study in the United States, attend a conference, business meetings, tourism or any other short term visit can apply for this type of visa 


Nonimmigrant visa Application is a visa that won’t give you permanent stay in the US. However, you can apply for other permits if you meet the requirements. 

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