Women solo travel: Useful and fun tips for women solo travel

Do you want to learn all the important Women solo travel tips available? Traveling alone as a woman? If yeah! Then it’s for sure going to be a very fun memorable experience as I will reveal to you some major tips to have a beautiful trip. 

Before now, it sounded strange when a woman talked about the idea of traveling alone with no friends and no family member. However, with the advent of technology and social media. It now looks good and very common to see a woman embarking on vacation alone. 

Is it strange for women to travel solo?

The question people ask about traveling solo for women is how safe she will be and how she will not feel lonely. Yes, these things can stand as a major setback or conflict in the mind. Although, with the tips I will dish out here, you will be better equipped. 

According to popular research, about 72% of American women have traveled alone. The number may not be this high in other places since they are yet to get the level of independence American women enjoy. Imagine having to play the best game you like without having someone to argue about it. It’s really worth trying. So read on to learn about the fun tips to have a wonderful solo trip as a woman. 

Useful and fun tips for women solo travel 

#1. Have a hotel room for themselves 

Traveling with people always forces you to share many things with them, including hotel rooms. So, when you are on a solo trip, you can have the room and it’s many benefits all to yourself. Yes! Sleeping and waking up at your own will is a very good way to spend the holiday. 

2. Be prepared 

Let it not take you unawares about your trip. Note what you will need before the departure date and prepare them ahead of time. If you have some kind of mental illness or depression, ensure you arrange yourself very well before the time comes to avoid breaking down. Imagine how embarrassing it will be that you are crying instead of touring and having a good time. 

3. Don’t remain in your room for long 

This is why you should have a good itinerary before traveling to avoid boring moments. Make plans on where to visit every moment of your trip and ensure you visit them religiously. 

4. Don’t fail to connect with people 

Even though it is a ‘solo women travel’. Don’t make things about yourself alone when there are many locals in your destinations. Also, volunteer jobs are a good way to connect with people. 

Other tips to have a better experience is to learn about the culture beforehand and attend any cultural event that is safe. Write down your good and ugly experience in a journal. Be security conscious about the destination and avoid every part of the city that is volatile. Also, don’t be afraid to tell admirals that you are married if you don’t want to mingle. Have a wonderful experience. 

Frequently asked questions 

What is bad about Women solo travel

The only negative thing about women solo travel is not planning the trip very well and not having enough funds. 

Can I travel anywhere alone? 

It will be absurd to travel to unsafe places alone as a woman. 


Women solo travel is a good way to stay out of stress and enjoy yourself the way you like. It may sound strange in the beginning but at the end, it is one of the best experiences you can have as a woman. 

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