Cuba visa free countries: Visa free countries for Cuban passport holders

Cuba visa free countries are those countries you can visit with a Cuban passport without the need of a visa. Travelers from Cuba who meet other requirements to travel can no longer wait for a visa to enter this country. However, there are some other documents you need as a Cuban traveler. 

Does this program apply to every Cuban resident? No, only those who are Cuban citizens and own the country’s passport can take advantage of this program. Also, the traveler must not be someone being wanted for crime. 

Countries you can enter with just Cuban passport 

If you find your country in the list then you can enter Cuba without the need for a visa. They are Cuba visa free countries for now. 

Antigua and Barbuda  Oman
Barbados  Qatar 
Belarus  Russia 
Botswana  Serbia 
Cook Island  Singapore 
Dominica  Sri Lanka 
Grenada  Saint Kitts and Nevis 
Guyana  Saint Lucia 
Indonesia  Saint Vincent and the Grenadines 
Kyrgyzstan  Gambia 
Malaysia  Trinidad and Tobago 
Micronesia  Uzbekistan 
Moldova  Vanuatu 
Mongolia  North Macedonia 
Montenegro  Niue 

The above list contains countries you can visit with just a Cuban passport. According to your travel plan, you need to have active travel insurance when traveling to another country. Also, you still need to meet other requirements put in place by your destination to be. 

Cuban E-visa for non free Cuba visa countries

If you have checked the list above and your destination is not among them check out E-visa destinations. These places can receive visitors from Cuba who applied for the online visa. 

Angola  Kenya 
Azerbaijan  Kuwait 
Bahrain  Lesotho 
Benin  Montserrat 
Colombia  Pakistan 
Djibouti  Sao Tome and principe 
Ethiopia  Suriname 
Gabon  Uganda 
Georgia  Vietnam 

Although an E-visa is not the same as a free visa, it will help travelers save time by applying online for Cuba visa. Instead of traveling to the consulate of the countries you wish to visit, just use your internet enabled device to apply for a visa. 

Some countries will require you to have the hard copy of the E-visa when traveling. This is after you have received an email confirming the approval of your application. So, keep the copy of this online visa and present it to the immigration officer when you visit any of the countries above. 

What is the validity of Cuban visa-free countries? 

Do you wish to know how long you can stay in a country with your Cuban passport? Well, some countries will only allow you to stay for a long time. However, most countries will not give travelers the right to stay past 90 days with no visa. So, if you are traveling to any Cuban visa free countries, learn about the validity of your free stay. 

Frequently asked questions 

What are Cuba visa free countries

They are those countries you can visit with your Cuban passport without the need for a visa.

Can I travel to Canada with only a Cuban passport

You have to apply for a visa if you wish to travel to Canada from Cuba. 


Cuba visa free countries may be limited to the ones I listed here but there are other visa programs that will benefit Cuban travelers. Those who have their passport can apply to travel from Cuba to some countries with only E-visa. 

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