Airline tickets to California: Check out the best online tickets to California

Are you looking for the best Airline tickets to California? If yes then read on as I reveal to you the best flight you can book while traveling to California. Also, if you are traveling from another U.S state to California, these tickets I will outline are the best for your travel experience.

Not all airline companies have flights that will be going to California, so you need to be sure and prepare your plan very well to book the right flight

Best US Airline tickets to California

These are some of the airline companies that can fly to California. They have different prices and ticket policies, so be sure to understand the way they operate before going ahead to book. 

  • United airlines: this airline is available if you want to book flights to California. They make about 9,689 flights to California every month and over 3,100 flights to Los Angeles each month. Their rates are not too high. 
  • Southwest airlines: Southwest makes about 6,000 flights to California or airports near California every month. Also, another over 2,000 flights to Los Angeles international Airport every month. 
  • Delta airline: delta is another company that makes about 5,800 flights to California each month and over 1,000 flights to Los Angeles international Airport monthly. 

Best airline tickets to California 

Depending on where you are flying from, the cost starts from $850 to $2,000. 

If you wish to buy one way flights to California from Nigeria then you have to budget around $850 to $980. This cost can change depending on the time of the day and day of the week you decide to purchase the tickets. 

The cost for a round trip starts from $1,300 for good deals and $2,300 for an average price. Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday are the best days of the week to buy airline tickets. Again, you must prepare to buy your tickets at 4–5am in the morning. 

How to get the best deals of California flights 

  • Don’t rush to buy flights 
  • Remember that festive seasons will mean high cost of flight tickets to plan your trip very well. 
  • Use a normal airline. Don’t patronize an airline which will not give you a better experience traveling to California. 
  • Book for airline tickets months before your travel date. 

Frequently asked questions 

What are the Airline tickets to California? 

United airlines will offer you the best booking experience if you want to travel to California. 

Are California flights cheap? 

If you are going to California from Lagos Nigeria then you will experience high prices as a traveler. The local flights from another city to California depends on the city you are departing from. 

Can I book California tickets any time? 

I will advise you to book by 4am or 5am since flight costs at those times will be very low. 


There are three major airlines that you can trust for Airline tickets to California and they have my positive rating when it comes to flights. 

Travelers from another country should save lots of money because a trip to California is not cheap and after paying for the airline tickets, you must pay for other things. 

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