What are the best Airline tickets prices in the US, UK and Canada

It’s not something to argue when it comes to how Airline tickets prices are now at their best heights and seem like they’re not coming down. What I have experienced in the last few years is all about increase and increase on flight tickets. 

However, even the cost of other commodities are hitting the rooftops. So, this volatile movement led me to write this article with focus on the average cost of airline tickets in the United States, United Kingdom and Canada. Travelers from these countries are always on the lookout to know what it will cost them to book a flight. So, this article will help them in making plans and budgeting for their travel. 

Airline tickets best prices in the US, UK and Canada 

Let me show you how the cost of flights in the United States differs from the UK and Canada. Between the three, the United States is the most costly one and the UK being one of the cheapest. 

Best airline ticket prices in the US

The United States Bureau of labor statistics has claimed the cost of airlines has increased by 18.6% in April 2022 alone. This has put the average cost of domestic airline tickets at $400. 

Average cost of airline tickets 

Airport and city  Cost of airline tickets 
(LAX) Los Angeles  $447
(ORD) Chicago-O’Hare $386
(DEN) Denver  $361
(EWR) Newark  $424
(SEA) Seattle  $437
(MCO) Orland  $292
(PHX) Dallas  $407

Airline tickets best prices in the UK

Airline ticket prices in the United Kingdom are not the most costly since you won’t be flying for too many miles before getting to your destination. For instance, you have to travel for hours if you will be traveling from one United State—to another State. However, the case is different in the UK. You can travel from Manchester to London in just a matter of 1 hour. 

The prices of airline tickets are around £65 for domestic flights and it may even be less depending on the location you plan to visit. 

Airline ticket best prices in Canada 

If you have visited other places, you must be wondering what it will cost to fly in Canada. Well, the flight here is not as expensive as what you will get in Hong Kong. 

The cost of flight in this country starts from $98 in Montreal but shoots up to $600 in St. Johns. Also, the time of the year you are booking depends on the time of travel. Rush hour and popular festival periods cost more than times that there’s not festivals. 

So, choose the best time to fly based on how pressing the need is and the period. 

Frequently asked questions 

Why are Airline tickets the best prices in Canada

The cost of jet fuel is one thing and another thing is flying routes that many airlines do not use. Also, season of the year can add to the cost of flight tickets in Canada. 

Is it cheap to fly in the UK? 

It is not cheap but much better than some other countries. Also, since it takes less time to move from one state to another, you will pay less for airline tickets. 


To get the best prices for Airline tickets, you have to travel only when it is important and book flights on the right website. 

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