Student visa: The Ultimate guide on How to get US student visa

Student visa is available to a student who wishes to study in the United States. They need a type of visa known as F1 visa to be allowed into any Student and Exchange Visitor Program (SEVP) approved University. The rule states that all applicants must send their applications at least 3 months before the start of their program. This application will incur a fee of $510 for all applications. 

A student in the United States who is using an F1 visa can work but only on campus. So, apply for a scholarship if you think you can’t afford the school fees. 

United States student visa application requirements 

Meet these requirements and gather some of these documents before going ahead to apply for a visa. 

  • International passport which must be valid for at least 6 months 
  • Two identical recent passport photos. They should be clear and show your face as they are
  • Scan copies of all visas and data page of your international passport 
  • Certificate of student visa eligibility under the I-20 form 
  • Payment receipt from SEVIS payments 
  • Completed form for DS-160 nonimmigrant with any fees payments receipt
  • Transcript from previous school attended 
  • Score of any test like the IELTS. Certificate of any other school attended. 

How to Apply for US student visa

Follow these steps to successfully apply for a student visa. 

  1. Secure admission into any program: this is the first step to applying for a student visa. After getting admitted, you will receive an I-20 form. You have to complete this file and keep it safe. 
  2. Register on the Students and Exchange Visitor Information System: make payment of $350 and complete your DS-160 form. 
  3. Pay visa application fees: the form DS-160 application fees is around $160 and you can pay after meeting other application requirements. 
  4. Make appointments for visa interview: after making payment then you can schedule an appointment for a physical interview. This interview will determine if you will receive this visa or not. 
  5. Receive decision about your application: after the interview, you will be granted a visa or the visa denied. 

How does the Student visa interview go? 

It is like every other interview. The difference is that most applicants are anxious when they go for an interview, which is very bad. 

If you can hear and speak the English language then you will be able to communicate during the interview. Also, it will last for about 5 minutes with questions abouts your academic achievement, choice of university, finance and plans after graduating. 

Frequently asked questions 

How difficult is a US student visa? 

It is not too difficult if the applicant has been able to prepare all the important documents for it. 

How long does a US students visa take? 

It depends on the country you are applying from. It could be out immediately when you are done with the interview, maybe about a week or two in some cases. 


A Student visa is the main document everyone who wishes to study in the United States needs to enter the country. You need to first secure admission into a university before applying for a visa. 

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