Is Mexico city safe: How to be safe in Mexico for travelers

Mexico is a safe city for cautious travelers who have been traveling before. The main thing about traveling to other places, which is “staying safe when needful”, also applied to Mexico. 

No doubt, Mexico has been on the Rader of travelers who wish to explore beautiful cultures and attractions in The Country. Many scenic buildings and beaches for a good afternoon water experience. The hiking trail is another part of Mexico that is enticing travelers from around the world. 

Is Mexico city safe to visit? 

Even though this country has many things to offer every traveler, it has been on the news for bad things recently. Violence crimes, and theft is trying to destroy this beautiful world of historical events and culture. 

The correct answer to whether it’s still safe to travel to Mexico city as a tourist is that it is relatively safe. By the way, every other top country like Mexico experiences one challenge or the other. So, if you want to visit Mexico for tourism then you can go ahead. However, you need to learn about these measures to make yourself invisible to violence and crimes that may happen. 

How to be safe in Mexico for travelers 

Follow these guidelines to make sure you are safe when you visit Mexico for tourism or any other reason. 

1. Know when to use public transportation 

Don’t just make use of public transportation when it’s not safe to do so. For instance, the night is very chaotic to use public transport as a woman. It gets very crowded and many ugly things like pickpocketing and sexual assault can take place. Although, During the day, you can use them without experiencing any issue, but to stay safe in Mexico city, be very careful to when not to use public transportation. 

2. Learn basic local language 

There are some people who speak and understand the English language very well but you can’t see them everywhere. So, learn how to speak the popular language; not to the core but some phrases and greetings. 

3. Be cautious in some Places 

Some places and downtowns may not be safe for tourists. So, try as much as possible to be careful of places you visit and how you showcase your expensive jewelry and gadgets. 

The cash with you should not be in excess to what you need at the moment. If it is better you leave your money while taking a walk in the street. When you must carry money with you then make sure it’s just a small amount you need. 

4. Learn about emergency services 

It is important to know who to call when you are in unpleasant circumstances. 911 is the common number you can use to reach the police. 

Frequently asked questions 

I want to know if Mexico city is safe? 

The country still stands as a popular destination for tourists, so you can visit without fear of intimidation or harassment. 

What part of Mexico city is safe for tourists

There are many Top places tourists can visit and be safe. Places like tulum, LA Paz cancun, mazatlan, cozumel and other good places are safe. 


Mexico may be experiencing some safety issues in certain locations but I will still rate Mexico as a safe destination for tourists. Even at the volatile locations there are some things you will do to stay safe and enjoy your vacation. 

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