Costa Rica passport rules: All you need to know

Costa Rica passport rules are those laws you should follow while traveling to Costa Rica with a passport. Also, this rule applies to travelers from Costa Rica who wish to travel with their passport. 

Since a passport is the official document you need to possess when traveling to another country, it is important to follow some of its common rules. So, in this article, I will share with you some of the important rules you must learn about Costa Rica passports. 

Costa Rica 6 months passport rules

This rule is the most prominent rule every traveler must abide by. It simply states that every passport you possess must have a minimum of 6 month validity. However, some countries may have different laws but what is obtainable in Costa Rica is 6 months validity. 

How this rule works is that this passport you are traveling with has to be active for the next 6 months starting from your travel date. Although this is just a rule, it will be very beneficial to travelers who may have to overstay their initial plan so they won’t have to worry about passport renewal. 

Must your passport be valid for the next 6 months? Yes, it is important since some kind of emergency may arise. Even countries that allow people with 3 months validity passports to travel ensure that those Foreigners can get emergency travel documents faster in case of emergency. 

How many days can I stay in Costa Rica when I enter with a passport? 

If you are a tourist from any eligible country then you only have about 90 days to stay in Costa Rica with a passport only. This rule differs since some travelers may even have to leave Costa Rica before the 90 day elapse. 

However, you still have the right to change your residence status after the 90 days and you still want to remain in the country. This step is the most secure to avoid cases of fine and eventual deportation. In this dam vein, some countries may not have this type of eligibility. 

What is my passport expiration in Costa Rica? 

It is something that can happen. So that’s why I advise everyone traveling to this country to have a passport that has 6 months validity or 3 months validity in the worst cases. 

If your passport eventually expires then you will have to apply for renewal if that option is possible. Contact your country’s consulate and apply for passport renewal. In case this option is not available, request for emergency travel documents which you can travel back to your country with. 

Frequently asked questions 

Are Costa Rica passport rules applicable to everyone? 

Every traveler must possess a valid International passport when they wish to visit Costa Rica. This rule extends to other factors like the validity of your passport; which must be valid for the next 6 months and 3 months depending on your country. 

Can I travel to Costa Rica with a passport with less than 6 months validity? 

Your passport should be at least valid for the next 3 months depending on the country you are coming from. 


Costa Rica passport rules state how you should prepare your passport, which is the official document when traveling to the country. 

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