Hotels in Venice Beach: 20 Hotels closer to Venice Beach

Venice Beach hotels are one of the best hotels in Los Angeles because of the busy environment and the beauty. Are you looking for a hotel in Venice that is very close to the beach? Then you are in the right place. You already know that Venice is the number one place for people who want to have a good time with family or alone. The kind of infrastructure here makes it number one on the list of anyone that understands a quality environment. 

For smart and luxury designs with options that accommodate everyone who desires to spend time in any of these hotels. In addition to this is a destination that gives you nice places to visit, foods to taste and a trendy crowd of people.

For you to have a good time in your next vacation or just a time to relax in Venice, I will show you some of the colorful infrastructure and features. If you want waterfront then that is not left out as some of these hotels have modern  water for swimming and beach fronts. 

20 Hotels closer to Venice Beach 

When looking for a perfect place to stay that is very close to Venice Beach then check out this list of hotels. 

#1. Venice Beach House 

This hotel is in the best place for people who would want to explore more about Venice. If you want to go for a beach experience, you will have to wait for only three minutes. Nice boardwalk that forays up to the Hollywood hills. One major thing you have to know about Venice Beach house is the many beautiful gardens with modern styling. 

2. The Kinney 

The Kinney is an awesome hotel located in Santa Monica very close to Venice Beach. A very vibrant location for people who want to be where things are happening and also close to the beaches. Even though it’s very close to the beach, there are indoor and outdoor swimming pools. Also, there are styled rooms with contemporary art and luxury bathrooms. I personally put this hotel at the top because of the opportunity it offers for people who want to socialize with others. 

3. Ritz Carlton Marina Del Rey 

Perfect hotel for families who want to have a good time in a hotel near the beach. Very close to Santa Monica, Venice Beach and WeHo. There are walkways to access the beach or go for morning jogging. 

One of the few hotels that offer farm to table fare for just a small cost. 

4. Inn At Playa Del Rey

Amazing Bird Watching spot for those who would love to view the sky in a better way. When you are in this hotel, you can take a Walk to the Getty villa, LA museum, county Art museum and the Contemporary Art museum. 

Perfect rooms for comfort and looking at the water from the right angle. Good snacks and lavish foods make your stay at this Venice Beach hotel worth it. 

5. Hotel Erwin 

The marina pacific hotel is the best place to be when you want to stay near the Venice hotel. The beach is not far as the boardwalk takes you to the beach in minutes. 

6. Marina Del Rey hotel 

I personally love it here since it’s very close to the beach with the rooms offering balconies with water views. The rooms have this type of special Egyptian decoration that really shows real beauty. 

7. Marriott marina Del Rey 

Marriott is a very big hotel located at 4100 Admiralty way, LA. With its 3.5 star rating, you will experience what it means to be in a luxury hotel beach in Venice. 

8. Su Casa at Venice Beach 

Su Casa is a nice beach hotel in Venice with its 3.5 star ratings located at 431 Ocean front walk in Los Angeles. 

9. Hilton garden Inn marina Del Rey 

Another beautiful hotel with 4.1 guest rating from 1500 reviews. With this, I can say that this hotel will provide you with any kind of service and comfort you deserve. 

10. Air Venice on the beach 

Cheap 3 star hotel very close to Venice Beach. There are many hotels in LA but this one stands among the cheapest ones that offer luxury service to its guests. 

11. Venice admiral suites 

This hotel is Not so close to the Venice beach but has one of the best services for families on vacation. With its positive 3 star rating, your experience here will be worth it. 

12. Venice breeze suites 

Venice Breeze is a simple hotel for couples who want alone time to admire themselves and enjoy good dishes. With positive guest ratings, you won’t regret any time spent at one of the best beaches in this city. 

13. Jolly Roger hotel 

Jolly Roger hotel is a big hotel with an old design that reflects art and natural beauty. The size may not be as big as others but the experience at this hotel is worth every penny spent. 

14. Cadillac hotel 

Cadillac hotel is just a few minutes walk away from the beach and with a very nice design. 

15. Venice Beach suites and hotel 

16. Ramadan Ltd marina Del Rey California 

Just 1.42 miles away from the beach and the best for nightlife. So, you can always choose the place when looking for nice Hotels in Venice Beach. 

17. Marina 7 hotel 

18. Samesun Venice Beach 

19. CitizenM Los Angeles Downtown 

20. Omni Los Angeles hotel  

Frequently asked questions 

What are the Hotels closer to Venice Beach? 

The Kinney and Venice Beach house are the best and closest hotels to the beach and they offer one of the best services. 

Is it good to stay in Venice? 

Venice is a tourist area that boasts of vibrant hotels, beaches, restaurants and cafés. You will love the experience here. 

What is Venice Beach known for? 

Venice Beach is famous for its playground and the clear sand. If you love surfing then you will enjoy your time here. 


Hotels in Venice Beach do not just give the guest rooms that have a beach view, the hotels here are very lively. Also, one major thing people who review hotels in Venice applaud is the beautiful design of the hotels. When you arrive from another state, you will think Venice is even another state due to the crowd and busy environments. 

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