How can I get a Turkish passport?

Do you want to know How you can get a Turkish passport? Then you are in the right place. I will be revealing to you the perfect process to get a Turkish passport whether you are an investor or not. 

Turkish passports still remain one of the top passports in the world. It has the ability to take you to many countries in the world without the need of a visa. Even having the passport as a business person or investor, you have more options to control your investments in the country and benefit from many opportunities in the country. 

If you have been living in Turkey for a long time and you think you now have the eligibility to apply for the country’s passport then you must read on. If you are an investor and you love the investment market in Turkey then this article is for you. Also, if you are in love with a Turkish citizen then you have to continue reading as I will reveal how it will benefit you. 

Types of Turkish passport 

There are four types of Turkish passport that you can look out to know which one you have the eligibility to apply for. 

Normal passport: this is also referred to as “Burgundy passport”. It is a 38 page passport that all Turkish citizens receive when they want to get a passport. Some call it an ordinary passport since it’s for every individual who’s a Turkish citizen. 

Personal passport: this passport is also known as a “green passport”. It has a green cover and only those in second and third degree Civil service will get it. They use it for international duties, travel purposes and identification. 

Service passport: this passport is also called “Grey passport” since the color of the cover is Grey. It is issued to people assigned by the Turkish Air Authority and the turkish red crescent. Civil servants have to obtain this type of passport when going abroad Frequently for duties. 

Diplomatic passport: it is also known as the “Black passport” because the cover is black. It is a 28 pages passport that is issued to members of the Turkish parliament, president of the constitutional Court or Supreme Court state council members, Supreme military administrative court and staff of the president ambassadors. Also, high ranking civil servants who are to go abroad for a duty can get this type of passport. 

Most popular methods to acquire a Turkish passport 

Follow any of these methods to apply for a Turkish passport and get it; depending on your qualifications. 

#1. Through investment 

Investors can get Turkish passports if they have large amounts of investment in turkey. Below is a list of conditions to apply under this category:

  • Have a real estate worth $250,000 and make a statement that this property will not be sold for the next three years. 
  • Have a capital investment worth $500,000 in the country 
  • Have a property with contract stating that it won’t be sold for the next 3 years and this should worth a minimum of $250,000
  • Have a business or investment that provide a minimum of 50 jobs to citizens of turkey
  • Make a deposit of at least $500,000 into a Turkish bank and it should not be withdrawn for the next 3 years 
  • Buy a government bond with the conditions that it won’t be transferred for the next 3 years 
  • Be part of a real estate development with an investment of minimum $500,000 and pledge that it won’t be withdrawn in the next 3 years. 

2. Through marriage 

International travelers can also become Turkish citizens if they marry a Turkish citizen. The rules in this case state that the applicant must have been married to this Turkish citizen for at least 3 years. Also, they must have been living like a family and the union will continue even after the Foreigner got a Turkish passport. If you have been married to a Turkish person for the year stated above then you can apply through at any passport office. 

3. Through Naturalisation 

A Turkish authority has the right to state that you can become a citizen if you have met some requirements. Although you may not qualify in the two methods above, this is another option. However, you should meet these requirements:

  • Have lived in Turkey for a minimum of 5 years without interruption 
  • Have no serious disease that can affect the public 
  • Knowledge of the Turkish language 
  • Have sizeable income that can take care of themselves 
  • Not a criminal or pose a threat to the country 
  • Having good morals must have made up their mind that they will live in turkey. 

4. Turkish passport by birth 

Instead of others that require some sort of investment, this method does not need any form of investment. You only have to be born in the country or meet these requirements:

  • Child of a Turkish national will have the eligibility to apply for a passport 
  • When one your parent is a Turkish then you have the right to apply for a Turkish passport 
  • When your mother is a Turkish citizen even though she is not married to the father 
  • When a new baby is born in Turkey, there’s no claim by any other person or country. 

Advantages of having Turkish passport 

You can visit more than 90 countries without a visa or through a visa on arrival program. 

Someone with a Turkish passport has a second place to call home in case they wish to leave their main country. Also, for you to visit many Top destinations for tourism or business, you won’t have to undergo many stressful procedures. 

Another good benefit of having a Turkish passport is that you can get a five years C-2 schengen visa and visit most of the European countries. 

Frequently asked questions 

How can I get a Turkish passport

You either have to own investments in the country worth from $250,000 to $500,000 in real estate or other business. Other methods require you to be married to a Turkish citizen. 

Can anyone apply for a Turkish passport

If you meet any of the passport requirements then you are free to apply for a passport. 


Are you also asking “How can I get a Turkish passport”? Then you have the right article here. Most people want to get this passport because of the benefits which will help move their business to another level. 

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