25 best things to do when you visit Atlantic city

Do you want to know Things to do in Atlantic city? Then you are in the right place. This article will reveal to you some of the fun, educating, and entertaining things you can do in the country. 

Atlantic city is not just a usual place to live but home of super restaurants, accommodation, hotels, entertainment centers and great shopping malls. These are not only the things you will see in this city as it hosts one of the best resorts in New Jersey. 

Why should you visit Atlantic city? 

Apart from completing the boardwalk and other shows in the city, there are plenty of reasons to visit this destination. The people here are very welcoming and have this unique way to see life. Positive energy and vibes will make you extend your stay in the bustling city. 

I can argue with anyone that Atlantic city is wilder than Las Vegas. That’s because of the nightlife here and how accommodation is very cheap. Las Vegas on the other hand is very expensive and Atlantic city can offer you the same casino experience as Las Vegas. 

25 Things to do in Atlantic city

#1. Visit Steel piers Amusement park 

If you want to be in a place that is very beautiful and has fun structures for both children and adults. Almost everyone in Atlantic city has heard about this park because of its popularity. 

2. Harrah’s Resort & Casino 

Atlantic city does not have the same level of casino hub like Las Vegas but it hosts massive casino games. The caesar’s hotel is where you can find this casino. 

3. Tanger Outlets

If you love shopping then you will have to prepare very well because Tanger outlets are ready to offer you good bargains. Whether it’s a designer brand or just a casual design you will find it here. 

4. Visit playground pier 

This shopping mall is located on the Atlantic Ocean which gives shoppers a view of the ocean. Shops are not coming back to previous capacity after the Covid-19 has subsided. 

5. Explore Absecon lighthouse 

Don’t even try to climb this lighthouse if you are not ready. It is very tall. However, going to the top is a very challenging but good experience. 

6. Spend time at Ocean casino resort 

Ocean casino resort is a 5 star hotel that is ready to offer you whatever you need. There are gaming options available to make you always entertained. 

7. Hard Rock hotel and Casino 

When you want to be a place that will offer more than just the usual casino then you should be here. 

8. Take a Walk at the Atlantic city Boardwalk 

This is not just an ordinary boardwalk since many tourists make sure they visit here before leaving Atlantic city. 

9. Explore the Historic Gardner’s basin 

Have you been to this place before? If No then you are missing out on a hidden gem in Atlantic city. You can take a cruise ship to have a perfect view of this basin 

10. Visit Jim Whalen Boardwalk hall 

This is a multipurpose event center that hosts performers, artists and concerts. Since many events take place here, you can catch some events when you visit. 

11. Atlantic Ocean cruise, Inc. 

Do you wish to have cruise experience? The Atlantic Ocean cruise is the best place to be in the afternoon. Even if you didn’t travel to Atlantic city with friends, you will enjoy this exciting opportunity. 

12. Have fun at Atlantic city ballet dance 

I personally love ballet dancers. So, if you also enjoy watching their moves then visit any of their shows to see outstanding performances. 

13. Atlantic city Air jets show 

This is a yearly event that fills the sky with jets making turns and giving the viewers thrills. 

14. Central pier Arcade & speedway 

Are you a gamer? Then the arcade game show will interest you. Your kids may be interned in it if you do not like games. 

15. Taste handcrafted drinks 

Not every time we find the opportunity to taste good drinks. However, if you are in Atlantic city then you will have the opportunity. 

16. Spend a night at Borgata Hotel 

Borgata had good machines that made them stand out as a perfect place to play casino games. Excellent room service that will make you want to come for more experience. 

17. Tropicana Hotel and casino game experience 

Take a trip to Havana and branch at the Tropicana hotel for a short time with friends playing casino. Even children you are traveling with can join you and have fun here. 

18. Visit Rainforest Café 

This restaurant offers good lighting to make the environment spectacular. It is a chain restaurant that is popular in Atlantic city. 

19. Nice pizza at Margaritaville 

Margaritaville is a place to taste that perfect pizza you have been craving to have for many years now. The beautiful way of this restaurant’s arrangement is another attraction in itself. 

20. Taste unique dessert and drinks 

The factory sugar is a place to taste the city’s nicest drinks and desserts. It does not cost much if you truly value good wine. 

21. Quench your chocolate tastes 

If you love chocolate then Atlantic city will offer you a place to have it with good cocktails. Not that it will be very large but the quality is something you won’t even find in Los Angeles. 

22. Tour the city museum 

This place reminds you of the fallen heroes who have fought and have paid the price for freedom. Built in 1922 and has remained a spectacular place to get to know about Atlantic city and New Jersey. 

23. Explore black history at chicken bone beach historical foundation

Learn about chicken bone beach that was seen as an abominable place by the whites. Only black visited this beach in those times. However, things have now changed making chicken bone beach part of the city. 

24. Learn about war memorial at New Jersey 

In front of the beach, there you see a stone which is built for the memorial of those who died during the Korean war. 

25. The Carousel bars at bally’s 

This is a rotating bar that offers a variety of drinks made with hand and cotton candies. 

Frequently asked questions 

What are the Things to do in Atlantic city? 

You can do many things in this city as it offers whatever type of fun you desire to have. 

Can I still visit Atlantic city? 

Yes and it’s even receiving many more tourists now that the Covid-19 restrictions have been lifted. 

Can families visit Atlantic city? 

Yes. There are fun activities for both families and alone travelers. 


Things to do in Atlantic city are not limited to attending popular shows but engaging in other activities in this city. Tasting drinks made by hand is now becoming famous among travelers who visit this place. 

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